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About the Professional Networks

Colgate Professional Networks spark crucial connections for alumni, students, and family members.
Professional Networks connect members of the Colgate community by areas of industry, while helping current undergraduates leverage the world-famous Colgate alumni network.

Make connections and learn at regional events and through online networking hours. Whether you’re exploring employment options or seeking expert opinions, Colgate faithful around the world are ready to connect with you.

Professional Networks also allow alumni, family members, and students to inspire each other as they engage with the university.

We will automatically include you in any Professional Network mailings that are relevant to your professional position listed with Colgate. If you believe your information to be out of date or would like more information, please contact us.


Common Good Network
Colgate alumni and parents employed at non-profit organizations, government agencies, or other social good enterprises are considered part of the Common Good Network.
Consulting Network
The Consulting Network highlights the great influence the Colgate community has on consulting. Bringing together consultants from a range of specialty areas, this network is designed to assist with professional development for those currently in the industry and support students starting their consulting careers.
Digital Business and Technology Network
The Digital Business and Technology Network is a community of alumni and parents employed in these industries. They seek to provide professional networking opportunities with other Colgate alumni, while supporting undergraduate mentoring programs (Day in the Life, internships, etc).
Entrepreneur Network
Following the success of the Thought Into Action program, Entrepreneur Weekend, and the ENY Fund, alumni volunteers created the Colgate Entrepreneur Network. This community of alumni and parents includes those who are employed or own start-up companies, are venture capitalists, or those considering entrepreneurial opportunities outside their current occupation.
Finance and Banking Network
The Finance and Banking Network consists of alumni and parents currently employed in the financial services industry who are committed to staying connected to the institution, other community members, and supporting Colgate’s fundraising efforts. There are over 3,000 members in the network and it is led by an alumni volunteer committee with the guidance of an on-campus coordinator.
Health and Wellness Network
The Health and Wellness Network is a community of alumni and parents employed in healthcare, health education, wellness, mental health, and nutrition.  The network works with pre-med students, peer educators, and Wellness Institute interns to create mentorship opportunities.
Lawyers Association
The Lawyers Association currently offers a network for alumni and parents who share the dual bond of Colgate and the legal profession. David Kusnetz '09 and Robert Sobelman '08 are piloting this group and looking to meet the strategic outcomes of our existing Professional Networks.
Marketing, Media, & Communications Network
The Marketing, Media, & Communications Network is designed to bring together students and alumni with a shared interest and experience in the communications field. This Network is for anyone interested or working on the creation and delivery of messages, information, and images to a wide variety of audiences via print, electronic, broadcast, and live.
Real Estate Council
The Real Estate Council provides a unique network for undergraduates, alumni, and parents to develop and maintain contacts with the diverse group of Colgate University alumni in the commercial real estate and building industries.
STEM Network
To provide an opportunity for those working and with an interest in the sciences to connect, the STEM Network brings together the Colgate community in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Support Students

Play an active role by assisting with career exploration, offering strategy on searches, or providing an internship or job opportunity.


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Let us know if you would like to help organize an event, volunteer on a network planning board, or support student engagement.

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