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Professional Networks

Professional Networks are created to support undergraduate professional development, promote alumni engagement with Colgate, and cultivate new professional opportunities for members.

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The Common Good Network

Colgate alumni and parents employed at non-profit organizations, government agencies, or other social good enterprises are considered part of the Common Good Network. LEARN MORE

The Finance and Banking Network 

Colgate’s Finance and Banking Network consists of alumni and parents currently employed in the financial services industry who are committed to staying connected to the institution, other community members, and supporting Colgate’s fundraising efforts. There are over 3,000 members in the network and it is led by an alumni volunteer committee with the guidance of an on-campus coordinator. LEARN MORE

The Colgate Entertainment Group

The Colgate Entertainment Group (CEG) is a network of alumni and parents in the entertainment field. Writers, actors, producers, musicians, etc. gather to discuss industry trends, hiring strategies, and professional opportunities. LEARN MORE

The Real Estate Council

The Colgate Real Estate Council provides a unique network for undergraduates, alumni, and parents to develop and maintain contacts with the diverse group of Colgate University alumni in the commercial real estate and building industries. LEARN MORE

The Health and Wellness Network 

The Colgate Health and Wellness Network is a community of alumni and parents employed in healthcare, health education, wellness, mental health, and nutrition.  The network works with pre-med students, peer educators, and Wellness Institute interns to create mentorship opportunities. LEARN MORE

The Entrepreneur Network

Following the success of the Thought Into Action program, Entrepreneur Weekend, and the ENY Fund, alumni volunteers created the Colgate Entrepreneur Network.  This community of alumni and parents includes those who are employed or own start-up companies, are venture capitalists, or those considering entrepreneurial opportunities outside their current occupation. LEARN MORE

The Digital Media and Technology Network 

The Digital Media and Technology Network is a community of alumni and parents employed in these industries. They seek to provide professional networking opportunities with other Colgate alumni, while supporting undergraduate mentoring programs (Day in the Life, internships, etc). LEARN MORE

The Colgate Lawyers Association

The Colgate Lawyers Association (CLA) currently offers a network for alumni and parents who share the dual bond of Colgate and the legal profession.  David Kusnetz '09 and Robert Sobelman '08 are piloting this group and looking to meet the strategic outcomes of our existing Professional Networks.  

Strategic Outcomes

Each Professional Network addresses four strategic outcomes on an annual basis.  The following outcomes are considered part of the mission of each group:
  1. Professional Advancement: Provides an opportunity for alumni members to find professional mentors, learn industry trends, identify new employment leads, develop practical skills, and advance their professional and/or business success.  
  2. Brand Advancement: Professional Networks serve to advance Colgate's public brand by increasing its visibility and highlighting innovation that Colgate has brought to the world.  
  3. Student Success: Provide an on-ramp for students to professional industries by offering advice and mentorship, internships and job shadows, hiring opportunities, as well as access and participation in the Professional Network’s events and programs as appropriate  
  4. Support for Colgate: Deliver a consistent message that Colgate University is the shared thread between alumni and students and should support the institutional needs for philanthropy and service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Colgate Professional Networks?
Colgate Professional Networks are communities of alumni who assemble under common and/or complimentary professional industries or interests. Following pilot programs in entertainment and real estate, Colgate Professional Networks began in the summer of 2013 to cultivate new professional opportunities for members, promote alumni engagement, and support undergraduate professional development. Through regular discussions and events, these networks offer a unique blend of professional opportunities for alumni, students, and the university.
How do I join?
Colgate Professional Networks are open to all alumni. If alumni are employed in a related industry and updated his/her Colgate profile, they are automatically part of the network. Interested in participating in other networks? Simply visit your profile in the alumni directory and indicate which networks you'd like to join. If you are interested in taking a more active role in an existing Colgate Professional Network, please contact the volunteers listed for the appropriate network or Tim Mansfield, Associate VP and Director of Alumni Relations.
There is no professional network for my industry. Will you be creating more?
There is no professional network for my industry. Will you be creating more? After the first year, the success of the Colgate Professional Networks will be evaluated. From this point, the appropriate steps will be taken to meet the employment trends of alumni and the students’ needs. These adjustments could involve assembling new networks, promoting existing groups to official Colgate Professional Networks, or reshaping current networks.
How are the Colgate Professional Networks funded?
Colgate Professional Networks are funded (in part) by the Office of Alumni Relations operating account. Funds are used for events and networking purposes, and (in some cases) to provide resources for students to attend alumni programs. More often, registration fees for events help offset the cost to support these groups. Alumni may make contributions to a Professional Network, but they are not considered charitable gifts to Colgate unless it benefits students or the university.

Colgate Staff

Jen Stone
Director of Professional Networks
Phone: 315-228-6928

Tim Mansfield
Director of Alumni Relations
Phone: 315-228-7433

Tim McEvoy '13
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Phone: 315-228-7439
Jillian Arnault '10
Alumni Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 315-228-6683
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