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Office of Undergraduate Studies

Providing educational opportunity and academic support to students who have demonstrated talent, creativity, intellect, and determination in the face of significant challenges.

About OUS

The Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS) Scholars Program is the second oldest scholars program at Colgate, established in 1967 as the "University Scholars Program." Candidates chosen to be part of the program are a highly select group of students who have demonstrated creativity and determination in the face of personal, economic, and social challenges; they have systematically sought the most demanding academic paths open to them and dedicated themselves to achieving success. The OUS Scholars Program is a vibrant community of scholars who have a history of making significant and meaningful impacts on campus.

The OUS Scholars program is led by a committed team, composed of a faculty director, a senior associate director, an administrative dean, and a program coordinator. This supportive four-year program aims to tap the potential of each OUS Scholar, particularly, in terms of academic excellence and leadership in the traditions of the liberal arts. The mission of the program is reflected in Colgate University's own mission, which includes providing a "demanding, expansive educational experience to a select group of diverse, talented, intellectually sophisticated students who are capable of challenging themselves, their peers, and their teachers." 

Meet the Scholars

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D'Jonita Cottrell '19
Ricky Fernandez '18 with water at his back
Regine Cooper '19 with a track and field hammer

News and Updates

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A student in snorkeling gear prepares to enter the water

Admission to OUS

Students who are accepted to OUS have achieved success while systematically pursuing the most demanding academic paths open to them. They have prevailed in the face of personal, economic, educational, cultural, or social challenges. Admission to OUS is determined at the time of admission to Colgate, and no separate application is necessary.

Summer Institute

The program begins with the Summer Institute, a five-week, pre-first-year summer session designed to ease the transition to college and enhance the academic preparedness of our students. It further sets the stage for students to take on scholarly pursuits, leadership, and community engagement during their four years at Colgate. Summer Institute

An Ongoing Community

The OUS family persists well beyond the Summer Institute. The relationships students build early in the program will form the foundation for a support group present for all four years on campus, as well as after graduation. Programming throughout the four years on campus will strengthen those bonds for students, while helping them to navigate academics, involvement on campus, studying abroad, and planning for post-graduation endeavors. LEARN MORE

Contact Us

We aim to be inclusive in building a community of scholars, and we look to work with a diverse group of individuals. Please contact us with any questions.
Office of Undergraduate Studies
Colgate University
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, New York 13346

Suzanne Spring
Academic Director, Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS) Scholars Program
Phone: 315-228-7316

Frank Kuan
Senior Associate Director for the Office of Undergraduate Studies Scholars Program
Phone: 315-228-5009

Romelia Loaiza '17
Program Coordinator
Phone: 315-228-7874