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Off-Campus Study Peer Advisors

Dana Chan '19

Attended DIS Copenhagen Fall 2017

This photo were taken in Superkilen, which is this huge public park in the Nørrebro district in Copenhagen. Nørrebro is probably Copenhagen’s most diverse neighborhood with large populations of immigrants, and the designers of this park wanted to celebrate this diversity in their project. They asked residents of the neighborhood to suggest some objects that they will normally see in their own country, and they actually either reconstructed or brought these objects and placed them all around the park.

One tip for students planning to study off-campus:  
Do things alone if you have to! Don’t rob yourself of a good experience just because you’re hesitant to go to things by yourself.
Dana Chan

Elizabeth Gonzales '19

Beijing Extended Study Spring 2016, China Study Group Fall 2016, and CIEE China Fall 2017

The photo was taken in the fall of 2017 in Shanghai, China. I am standing by the railings of Shanghai’s famous waterfront. Here you can have a 'snap-shot' view of the scenery of Pudong Area and Huangpu River, which is the symbol of Shanghai.

One tip for students planning to study off-campus:
If you’re planning on studying off-campus, I would advise to conquer your fears and travel to places that are not very popular with other students studying abroad. It is okay to attend a program that forces you to learn a different language or interact with people with a different culture or religion. I find it exciting to learn about different cultures and trying new foods!  You can even challenge yourself to travel on your own, which allows you to grow and get to know more about yourself.
Elizabeth Gonzales

Eliza Laible '19

IFSA Butler - Northern Ireland Fall 2017

This is a photo of me at the Cliffs of Moher, a beautiful and famous tourist attraction in Ireland that is definitely worth the visit! My friends and I were talking about how funny those super touristy photos are of people pretending to hold up the Eiffel Tower and such, especially when they don’t align properly. So we took some purposely disjointed pictures for fun. My friends and I wanted to explore as much of Ireland as possible and planned a trip to Galway one weekend. The cliffs were only about an hour and a half bus ride from the city so we decided to do both that weekend. This was one of my favorite trips of abroad! We rented an Airbnb in Galway and got to explore the cute farmer’s markets and old streets and then took the scenic bus route to the cliffs for a day trip. There are walking paths all along the cliffs which are breathtaking and sometimes even a little scary on the narrow paths.

One tip for students planning to study off-campus:
My one tip would be to definitely engage with local students wherever you go abroad and to really take time to explore the city/country you are studying in (even though it is tempting to travel every weekend).
Eliza Laible

Jenny Lundt '19

SIT Nepal Fall 2017

The picture was taken in Kathmandu, Nepal. Behind me in the picture, you can the busy, crowded city with buildings in every shape and color. You can also see the Boudhanath Stupa, the sacred Buddhist stupa that I lived right next to. You can read more about my abroad experience in this series:

One tip for students planning to study off-campus:
My advice is to get to befriend strangers (within reason, obviously). Although your semester will end, locals will be there forever and you can always have a connection back to the place.
Jenny Lundt

Paul Schnebly '19

IFSA Butler - New Zealand Spring 2018

This picture was taken at sunrise on Roy’s Peak in Wanaka, New Zealand. Some friends and I drove to the base of the mountain the night before, pitched our tents, and then started walking at 3am. After fours hours of hard hiking we arrived at the summit just in time for sunrise. We spent the next hour huddled up against the freezing wind watching the sun come up over the mountains and illuminate the landscape. .

One tip for students planning to study off-campus:
Don’t wait for anything, be proactive and put yourself out there and your experience will be far more fulfilling.
Paul Schnebly

Sydney Schultz '19

SIT Czech Republic Fall 2017

This picture was taken in Český Krumlov, a town in the Southern Bohemia region, on a trip with my study group.

One tip for students planning to study off-campus:
Find a good coffee shop near your house/dorm, even if you’re just doing homework there you’ll be experiencing local culture.
Sydney Schultz

Lisa Sebetic '19

Dijon Study Group Spring 2018

This photo was taken during our group trip to Paris in February. In the weekend we were there, we had lots of free time to explore the city and see things such as the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, the Orsay Museum, and much more!

One tip for students planning to study off-campus:
If you’re planning on studying off-campus, don’t be afraid to go somewhere that isn’t very popular with other students studying abroad. It’s fun being one of the only Americans around and it really helps you get to know the culture better!
Lisa Sebetic