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The Open 'Gate is a monthly newsletter published by Human Resources. It includes a calendar of events, informational articles, announcements, employee news, and classified ads.
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May 2019
Employee Spotlight: Katy Jacobs

April 2019 
Employee "Green" Spotlight: Karen Austin

March 2019 
Lead Article: Employee Spotlights - Book Published and Sisters Reunited

January/February 2019
Lead Article: A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush


December 2018
Lead Article: Colgate Heritage

November 2018
Lead Article: Veteran's Day tribute

October 2018
Lead Article: Bicentennial Staff Tunk

September 2018
Lead Article: Bicentennial All-Staff Meeting

August 2018
Lead Article: It's a Bird...It's a Millwright...

July 2018
Lead Article: Service Awards Dinner

June 2018
Lead Article: Seven Oaks Golf Course

May 2018
Lead Article: The Bicentennial Approaches

April 2018

March 2018 
Lead Article: Staff Excellence Awards

January/February 2018
Lead Article: Setting Goals in the New Year


December 2017
Lead Article: 'Tis the Season...of Giving!

November 2017
Lead Article: Annual Benefits Reopening Period

October 2017
Lead Article: Staff Spotlight-Kerra Hunter 

September 2017
Lead Article: All Staff Meeting Recap

August 2017
Lead Article: Meet the Colgate Dietician & Enjoy a Cup of Tea

July 2017 
Lead Article: Celebrate Summer

June 2017
Lead Article: 2017 Service Awards Dinner

May 2017
Lead article: Heating Plant

April 2017
Lead article: Essential Personnel Attack Stella With Fury

March 2017
Lead article: The Greenhouse:  Where Spring and Summer Never End

January 2017
Lead article: Who’s Who in the Colgate HR Department


December 2016
Lead article: 'Tis the Season...of Giving!
November 2016
Lead article: Wellness & Benefits Fair

October 2016
Lead article: Colgate Athletics: Opening The Class of 1965 Arena

September 2016
Lead article: Colgate Sustainability: The Year Ahead
August 2016
Lead article: Center for International Programs: Leading the Nation in Study Abroad

July 2016
Lead article: Colgate Institutional Advancement:  Annual Giving Team Outreach Day

June 2016
Lead article: Colgate Career Services: Empowering Students For Lifetime Opportunities

May 2016

April 2016
Lead article: Colgate Sustainability - Effective Stewardship on Campus and Beyond

March 2016
Lead article: Colgate Athletics: Colgate Spreads Awareness Through Sports

January/February 2016
Lead article: Living the Liberal Arts: Creating a Residential Commons Program


December 2015
Lead article: 'Tis the Season of Giving

November 2015
Lead article: 2016 Open Enrollment

October 2015
Lead article: Col"Great" Employee Recognition Program

September 2015
Lead article: Picker Art Gallery New Exhibit

August 2015
Lead article: Solar Energy

July 2015
Lead article: Celebrate Summer 2015

June 2015
Lead article: New Exhibit at Picker Art Gallery

May 2015
Lead article: Administrative Professionals Day

April 2015
Lead article: Many Thanks to Staff

March 2015
Lead article: Day of Impact

February 2015
Lead article: New Online Employee Discounts

January 2015
Lead article: CU Well Incentive Update


December 2014
Lead article: Local Veterans Honored

November 2014
Lead article: Benefits and Wellness Fair Scheduled for November 18

October 2014
Lead article: Smoke-Free Exploratory Committee Gives Recommendations

September 2014
Lead article: Gallery Staff Busily Prepare for Picker Gallery Re-Opening!

August 2014
Lead article: Celebrate Summer!

Open Gate July 2014
Lead article: Summer Celebrations!

Open Gate June 2014
Lead article: Spotlight on Custodial Staff

Open Gate May 2014
Lead article: Administrative Professionals Day

Open Gate April 2014
Lead article: Protecting Our Data

Open Gate March 2014
Lead article: Job Description Initiative Well Underway

Open Gate February 2014
Lead article: Why We Love Working at Colgate

Open Gate January  2014
Lead article: Year of '13 Challenge a Tremendous Success


Open Gate December 2013
Lead article: Benefits and Wellness Fair A Success

Open Gate November 2013
Lead article: Introducing the New Wellness Incentive Program

Open Gate October 2013
Lead article: Data Revitalization Project

Open Gate September 2013
Lead article: Take a Class This Fall

Open Gate August 2013
Lead article: Staff Development Training

Open Gate July 2013
Lead article: Celebrating Across Campus

Open Gate June 2013
Lead article: Congratulations To Top Colgate Performers

Open Gate May 2013
Lead article: Administrative Professionals' Day

April 2013 Open Gate
Lead article: New Hire Orientation Held April 3, 2013

Open Gate March 2013
Lead article: Staff Climate Survey Update

Open Gate February 2013
Lead article: Adam and Eve

Open Gate January 2013
Lead article: PayFlex Updates


Open Gate December 2012
Lead article: 2013 Wellness & Benefits Fair

Open Gate November 2012
Lead article: Staff Affairs Committee

Open Gate October 2012
Lead article: 'New and Improved' Policy on Equal Opportunity, Nondiscrimination, Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Harassment

Open Gate September 2012
Lead article: We want to CU Well!

Open Gate August 2012
Lead article: Retirees Luncheon 2012

Open Gate July 2012
Lead article: 2012 Service Awards Dinner, 5- and 10-Year Reception, and Celebrate Summer

Open Gate June 2012
Lead article: Take Time To Celebrate!

Open Gate May 2012
Lead article: Administrative Professionals' Day!

Open Gate April 2012
Lead article: Emergency Management at Colgate

Open Gate March 2012
Lead article: New bonus program to inspire and reward top performance

Open Gate February 2012
Lead article: Fond Farewell

Open Gate January 2012
Lead article: 2012 - New Year, New You


Open Gate December 2011
Lead article: Colgate's retiree health benefit

Open Gate November 2011
Lead article: Coming to you in January 2012……..

Open Gate October 2011
Lead article: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Open Gate September 2011
Lead article: How We (HR) Spent Our Summer "Vacation"

Open Gate August 2011
Lead article: The 8 Rules of Smartphone Etiquette

Open Gate July 2011
Lead article: Wanted: Men over 40!

Open Gate June 2011

Lead article: Have You Heard About the Changes to the Retirement Plan?

Open Gate May 2011
Lead article: Take 5

Open Gate April 2011
Lead article: Planning for your future

Open Gate March 2011
Lead article: March is National Nutrition Month

Open Gate February 2011
Lead article: How do you spell wellness?

Open Gate January 2011
Lead article: 'Gate to Opportunity Staff Development 2011


Open Gate December 2010
Lead article: 2010 Wellness & Benefits Fair

Open Gate November 2010

Lead article: Benefit Changes for 2011

Open Gate October 2010

Lead article: Lee National Denim Day is Friday, October 8

Open Gate September 2010
Lead article: Living with a disability - what does it mean?

Open Gate August 2010

Lead article: Summer Professional Development Series for Managers and Supervisors

Open Gate July 2010

Lead article: Colgate welcomes President Jeffrey Herbst

Open Gate June 2010
Lead article: Exploring our own backyard

Open Gate May 2010

Lead article: Eldercare, Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

Open Gate April 2010

Lead article: Earth Day 2030

Open Gate March 2010

Lead article: Stepping Up to the New Food Pyramid

Open Gate February 2010
Lead article: Heart Attack, Stroke and Cardiac Arrest Warning Signs

Open Gate January 2010

Lead article: Setting Goals and Sticking to Them


Open Gate December 2009
Lead article: Staff Development Week Navigating Through Change

Open Gate November 2009

Lead article: Seasons of change

Open Gate October 2009

Lead article: Inaugural Diversity Week spurs discussion and celebration

Open Gate September 2009

Lead article: Preparing for the seasonal flu and the H1N1 virus

Open Gate August_2009

Lead article: Colgate University ranked #1 most beautiful campus

Open Gate July 2009
Lead article: Butterfly Release Celebration!

Open Gate June 2009

Lead article: Colgate Director of Athletic Communications Bob Cornell retires

Open Gate May 2009

Lead article: Welcome to Colgate University

Open Gate April 2009

Lead article: Step Up to a healthy competition

Open Gate March 2009

Lead article: Open 'Gate e-distribution

Open Gate February 2009

Lead article: Staff Development Week Survey Results

Open Gate January 2009

Lead article: Colgate honors and wishes Don Martin well after 25 years of service


Open Gate December 2008
Lead article: United Way of Central New York honors Colleen Nassimos

Open Gate November 2008

Lead article: Lose For Good

Open Gate October 2008
Lead article: 7 Principles of Investing in a Volatile Market

Open Gate September 2008
Lead article: Associate Vice President for Human Resources Pamela Prescod-Caesar

Open Gate August 2008
Lead article: Spirit Day Colgate Olympics

Open Gate July 2008
Lead article: Celebrate Summer

Open Gate June 2008
Lead article: Forty-Second Annual Service Awards Dinner

Open Gate May 2008
Lead article: Salvage Operations works with COVE and Outdoor Education on Green Print Initiative 

Open Gate April 2008

Lead article: Spirit Day '08 Colgate Olympics

Open Gate March 2008

Lead article: Environmental Health & Safety Corner

Open Gate February 2008

Lead article: America's Greatest Heart Run & Walk 2008

Open Gate January 2008
Lead article: Staff Development Week - Thriving in Chaos


Open Gate December 2007
Lead article: Upstate Cerebral Palsy Supported Employment Program

Open Gate November 2007

Lead article: First Vendor Fair a Huge Success!

Open Gate October 2007
Lead article: The Gift of Giving

Open Gate September 2007
Lead article: Colgate's Religious Communities and You

Open Gate August 2007

Lead article: Get Outside With Colgate Outdoor Education!

Open Gate July 2007
Lead article: Human Resources Recent Events

Open Gate June 2007
Lead article: Forty-First Annual Service Awards Dinner

Open Gate May 2007 
Lead article: HEALTH Advocate @ your service FOR Colgate Employees

Open Gate April 2007 

Lead article: First Source Federal Credit Union Receives New Charter What this means for you

Open Gate March 2007 

Lead article: 33rd Anniversary of America's Greatest Heart Run & Walk 2007 Results

Open Gate February 2007

Lead article: Greatest Heart Run & Walk 2007

Open Gate January 2007

Lead article: Staff Development Week is a success!


Open Gate December 2006
Lead article: Staff Development Week

Open Gate November 2006

Lead article: 2006 Benefits Fair

Open Gate October 2006

Lead article: Support Staff Development Week

Open Gate September 2006
Lead article: The FISH! Philosophy

Open Gate June 2006
Lead article: Fortieth Annual Service Awards Dinner

Open Gate May 2006

Lead article: Colgate's Health Fair

Lead article: Protecting yourself from identity theft

Open Gate March 2006

Lead article: Harassment

Open Gate February 2006

Lead article: Wm. Brian Little Fitness Center

Open Gate January 2006

Lead article: New Hire Orientation


Open Gate December 2005
Lead article: Save the Date

Open Gate November 2005 
Lead article: A quote from the Fish Philosophy

Open Gate October 2005

Lead article: Careers @ Colgate: New on-line application system to go live on November 1, 2005

Open Gate September 2005

Lead article: Who said summers are quiet????

Open Gate August 2005 pages 1 - 4
Open Gate August 2005 pages 5 - 8
Lead article: Why is fire safety important at work?

Open Gate July 2005

Lead article: Saying Good-bye to Our Friends and Co-Workers

Open Gate June 2005 pages 1 – 4

Open Gate June 2005 pages 5 – 8 
Lead article: American Sign Language

Open Gate May 2005

Lead article: Each Day, Each Month, and Each Year: Preventive Health Care for Men

Open Gate April 2005

Lead article: It's Time to Step Up

Open Gate March 2005

Lead article: Upstate Institute and COVE Highlight Colgate’s Involvement in the Community

Open Gate February 2005 

Lead article: Taking Care of Your Heart

Open Gate January 2005
Lead article: Colgate's Early Retirement Window Option ends June 30, 2005


Open ‘Gate December 2004
Lead article: Colgate Purchases PeopleAdmin to Assist with Searches

Open ‘Gate November 2004
Lead article: Community Connections

Open ‘Gate October 2004 

Lead article: A New Model for Performance Feedback and Leadership Development

Open ‘Gate September 2004

Lead article: What is FLSA and what does it have to do with my pay?

Open ‘Gate August 2004

Lead article: A blast from the past Spirit Day 2004

Open 'Gate July 2004

Lead article: For Your Boating Pleasure

Open 'Gate June 2004
Lead article: Colgate Says Goodbye to the Dovidios

Open 'Gate May 2004

Lead article: Norm Kuklinski Retirees

Open 'Gate April 2004

Open 'Gate April 2004 insert
Lead article: Staff Salary Increases for FY05

Open 'Gate March 2004
Lead article: Proposed Vacation Accrual Changes for New Hires