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Transfer of Course Credit for Current Students

Pre-matriculation Credit

Students interested in pre-matriculation or Advanced Placement credit should visit our Transfer of Pre-matriculation Credit  page.

General Information

A maximum of six (6.00) non-Colgate credits may be counted toward the Colgate degree. This includes college courses taken at other institutions prior to matriculating at Colgate, Advanced Placement credit, courses taken during summer or intersessions, or in semester-long Approved Programs. (Transfer students should refer to the University Catalogue for information on transferring coursework from their previous institution.)

Courses must be taken at a regionally accredited college or university (U.S., Canada), or on an approved study-abroad program. Students with upper-class standing (rising juniors, seniors) may not receive credit for courses taken at a two-year institution. Courses must be comparable to those offered at Colgate and fit within the scope of our liberal arts curriculum. (Business, marketing, vocational or professional courses, and National Outdoor Leadership [NOLS] courses are examples of courses that will not be considered.) Online courses are accepted for summer sessions only.

Students planning to take courses elsewhere for transfer toward the Colgate degree must complete the appropriate transfer credit application (available at the top of this page). The completed application must be submitted to the registrar’s office, along with course descriptions or syllabi, prior to enrolling in the courses. Courses in the Division of Natural Science/Mathematics, in English, or in a student's major or minor also require departmental/program approval. Approval for all courses in the major/minor must be obtained whether or not they are intended to count toward major/minor requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to seek appropriate approvals.

Designated Transfer Credit Evaluators
Students should contact the appropriate department chair/program director unless a designated transfer credit evaluator is indicated in the following list:

- Elana Shever
Astronomy - Kiko Galvez
Biology - Timothy McCay
Computer Science - Michael Hay
Economics - Jyoti Khanna
English - Deborah Knuth Klenck
Mathematics - Evelyn Hart
Physics - Kiko Galvez
Political Science - Valerie Morkevicius
Sociology - Chandra Russo

Transfer courses may not be used to satisfy the Common Core requirement or the Global Engagements requirement.

Approved Programs

Policies and information
During a regular fall or spring semester, Colgate students may elect to study off cam­pus from a select list of Approved Programs. Please contact the Office of Off-Campus Study for information about the application process.

Once a program of study has been approved, students must complete and submit the Approved Program Transfer Credit Application (link at top of page) to the registrar's office. The application must be accompanied by catalogue descriptions or syllabi as well as any required department/program approvals for each course submitted for consideration.

All grades earned in coursework completed on Approved Programs will be recorded on the Colgate transcript, though not factored into the Colgate GPA. All courses in which a passing grade is earned will count towards graduation credit. A grade of C or higher is normally required for major or minor credit.

Independent studies are only eligible for credit when they are a required part of the Approved Program and have been approved by a Colgate department. Submission of the Independent Study for Non-Colgate Study Abroad Programs from to the Office of the Registrar is required.

Please see Colgate Catalogue for additional information regarding participation in Approved Programs.

Final Transcript Deadline

Once a student returns from an Approved Program, all paperwork (final transcript, etc.) is due to the Colgate registrar's office as soon as possible. However, all paperwork must be submitted no later than the posted deadline, approximately two weeks before registration in November. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a registration hold, which will prevent the student from registering for the spring term. Students who submit paperwork after the deadline but before the week of registration will forfeit their assigned registration time and be reassigned a registration time after all other students in their class year. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the department has adequate time to review and provide approval by the posted deadline.

Deadline for fall 2017 and spring 2018 approved program participants: Friday, October 19, 2018.

Leaves of Absence

Policies and information
Students may apply for a leave of absence through their administrative adviser.  For more information regarding the application process and types of leaves available, refer to the Colgate Catalogue.

Students who wish to take courses to transfer toward the Colgate degree while on an approved academic or medical leave of absence during a fall or spring semester are required to submit the Leave of Absence Transfer Credit Application (link at top of page) to the registrar's office prior to enrolling in the courses. The application must be accompanied by catalogue descriptions or syllabi as well as any required department/program approvals for each course submitted for consideration.

Grades earned while on a leave of absence are not recorded on the Colgate transcript and are not computed in the Colgate GPA, though a minimum grade of C is required in order for a course to be eligible for transfer.

Credit Conversion
Colgate converts semester credits and quarter credits to course credits using the table below.  Please note that this table does not apply to foreign institutions in all cases. Therefore, it is critical to have courses pre-approved by the registrar’s office.

Number of 
Colgate Course
Semester Hours  
Quarter Hours 

(Example: a student who takes 5 courses totaling 15 semester credits is eligible for 4 Colgate course credits even though (s)he completed 5 courses.)

Summer/Intersession Course Transfer

Policies and information
Students should refer to the Summer/Intersession Transfer Credit Requirements and Application (link at top of page) for assistance in selecting appropriate courses. Please note that summer/intersession courses have additional requirements for term length and classroom hours.

Students seeking transfer credit for summer study outside of the United States may be required to meet with an adviser from the Off-Campus Study Office to discuss their plans. Transfer credit from summer study abroad will only be considered from U.S. university-led programs, direct enrollment at a foreign university, or from providers listed on Colgate’s Approved Programs list.

Grades earned during a summer term or intersession are not recorded on the Colgate transcript and are not computed in the Colgate GPA, though a minimum grade of C is required in order for a course to be eligible for transfer.

Credit is not awarded for independent studies, field research, or other experiential learning courses. See the Office of the Career Services web page for requirements regarding credit for internships.

Summer/intersession courses do not count toward Common Core curriculum or Global Engagements requirements. Students should note that the Areas of Inquiry requirement cannot be fulfilled by taking courses during a summer/intersession term, unless under exceptional circumstances and with permission of the department chair, division director, and associate dean of the faculty.

Summer online course transfer credit information
Colgate University’s Academic Affairs Board approved the transfer of summer online courses taken at an approved university (see list below), beginning in 2018.

Online courses will be accepted from the following institutions only: Not every online summer courses offered by each institution will be eligible for transfer credit. Courses must meet all requirements for general summer transfer (see previous section), with the exception of in-class hours. Online courses must be pre-approved by the registrar’s office and, in certain cases, the relevant Colgate department or program. Please refer to the Summer/Intersession Course Transfer section above for a detailed description of requirements and the Summer Transfer Credit Requirements and Application .

Additional restrictions:
  • Online courses must be approved for degree credit at the host institution.
  • Online courses must be offered during a defined summer session and may not be an asynchronous (“at your own pace”) course.
  • Online courses must include ongoing interaction with instructors, assignments, and feedback.
  • Online courses that meet for 3-5 weeks will be eligible for 0.5-course credit, and courses that meet for 6 or more weeks will be eligible for 1.00 course credit.
  • Online courses are approved for summer terms only. Online courses may not be taken during a fall, winter, or spring term.
Following completion of a summer course, a student must:
  • submit a complete syllabus (not simply a course description) to the Colgate registrar’s office;
  • have an official transcript sent directly from the summer institution to the Colgate  registrar’s office; and
  • complete an online course evaluation (comparable to the Colgate Student Evaluation of Teaching).  
Credit for summer courses will not be recorded on a student’s Colgate transcript until these three requirements have been met.

Course syllabi will be reviewed by departments and programs to assess course content, assignments, and methods of evaluation, and overall quality and comparability to Colgate courses. The review will not affect the student’s ability to receive transfer credit for courses already completed, provided that the course was pre-approved by the registrar’s office.

Submission of Documents for All Transfer Credit

Completed forms and catalogue descriptions or syllabi may be submitted in any of the following ways:
In person:
Located in 103 Lathrop


Office of the Registrar
Colgate University
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY 13346