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Off-Campus Registration

The following instructions and guidelines are intended to help students who are currently on Colgate study groups, non-Colgate approved programs, or a leave of absence:

  • Students who are currently off-campus will be provided their registration PIN and are encouraged to register via Banner Self-Service. Please bear in mind, however, that the times listed in the registration schedule are Eastern Time.

  • For students on Colgate study groups: registration materials and links to the course offerings and registration form, will be e-mailed to you. Registration PINs will be e-mailed to your study group director. You must obtain your registration PIN from the study group director.

  • For students on Approved Programs or a leave of absence: Registration materials, including PINs and links to the course offerings and registration form, will be e-mailed to the student's Colgate e-mail address.

  • Off-campus students may choose to submit their registration selections online to the registrar's office. Students who elect this option will be registered during their scheduled class/alpha time, in the order that registrations are received, provided that their registration request is received before that day/time. Please see the registration schedule for additional information.

  • To avoid complications, registration requests should be submitted online no later than Monday, April 7.

  • Students should provide alternate course selections, even if they have an early registration time. Many courses have a very limited number of seats open to seniors and juniors.

  • Students will not be registered in restricted courses unless they have received permission from the instructor and the registrar’s office has been notified by that instructor. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that permission is obtained. Restricted courses include those in which enrollment is limited to certain classes or majors, and courses that require the instructor’s signature. Similarly, students will not be registered for a course if they have not satisfied the prerequisites.

  • Due to time constraints during registration, the registrar’s office staff is not able to notify students of the outcome of their registration. Students will be notified the following day IF (a) they were ineligible to register (e.g., due to a financial/accounts receivable hold), or (b) they were registered for fewer than 3 of their requested primary and/or alternate courses. Students should log onto the portal anytime after their registration time to view the outcome of their registration.

  • Students should remember to check the course offerings posted online for information regarding availability of courses. Changes in course offerings, including added or canceled courses, or day/time/instructors changes, will be incorporated into the course offerings immediately and posted on the Changes to the Course Offerings page.