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Neuroscience (NEUR)

Director: B. Hansen

Neuroscience is the study of brain-behavior relationships. The Neuroscience Program at Colgate is one of the first two established at undergraduate institutions in the United States. While a growing number of institutions now offer an undergraduate major in neuroscience, a distinctive feature of Colgate’s neuroscience program is its interdisciplinary faculty having appointments in the Department of Psychology or the Department of Biology. Specifically, the neuroscience faculty include a zoologist/neurophysiologist, a cognitive neurobiologist, a cell biologist/neurochemist, a physiological psychologist, a perceptual neuroscientist, and a developmental neurobiologist. Majors also take courses in the fields of chemistry, biology, physics, and psychology. In addition to a broad education, the program offers students the opportunity to focus their research interests on a variety of levels of nervous system functioning, ranging from the activity of single neurons to the behavior of complex organisms.

First-year students who wish to explore neuroscience as a possible major may take NEUR 170. This course is normally team-taught each semester by two members of the neuroscience faculty. It introduces students to the entire spectrum of concerns from cellular to behavioral neuroscience.

Requirements for a major with a behavioral or cellular focus are listed in the University Catalogue and the neuroscience web page. Students who wish to learn more about this major should contact Professor Hansen at