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Astronomy (ASTR)

Chair: P. Crotty

ASTR 101 offers students an introduction to our solar system. It can fulfill a requirement for a minor in astronomy, but it is not a part of the major in astronomy-physics. Students who are interested in majoring in astronomy-physics or astrogeophysics should enroll in PHYS 131 in the fall semester of their first year. Please also see the Physics department description for more information.


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ASTR 101, Solar System Astronomy
Deals with the exploration of the solar system through ground-based observations and spacecraft missions. Topics include motions of solar system objects, properties of the solar system, origin and evolution of the solar system, uncovering the nature of objects in our solar system through comparative planetology, detection techniques and characteristics of planets orbiting other stars, and the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. Evening observing and Ho Tung Visualization Lab sessions supplement lectures.