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ITS Policies and Guidelines

Guidelines and policies help maintain secure systems and resources across the campus. These policies also outline and assign responsibilities for the security of data in the campus environment.

Colgate University offers a wide array of computing, networking, and media services to students, faculty members, administrators, and staff members. These services are in place to facilitate teaching and learning, research, and administrative activities to further Colgate’s mission.

By using these services, all users agree to abide by and be subject to the terms and conditions contained in this and all other applicable university policies. Some departments on campus may have additional facilities, practices, and policies that apply to use of computing facilities in those departments. In these ways, we intend to enable high-quality services and maximize productivity while protecting the rights of all members of the community.

Noncompliance and Sanctions

Information Technology Services will suspend or terminate all computing privileges of any individuals without notice who engage in improper computing activities. Serious cases, as determined by ITS, will be referred to the Dean of the College, the Dean of the Faculty, Human Resources, or the President for disciplinary action. Such disciplinary action may include the suspension, expulsion, or termination of the offending individual, as appropriate and as determined at the sole discretion of Colgate University. Where violation of state and federal law is involved, cases will be referred to the proper legal authorities for action.  The following policy serves to provide examples of violations of computing or computing facility policies at Colgate University.

Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy is a guideline to general computer practices and expectations regarding the use of electronic information resources at Colgate University.
Acceptable Use Policy v1_2

Stewardship and Custodianship of E-mail

The Stewardship and Custodianship of E-mail Policy is a guideline that defines the expectations of and responsibilities for the use of a domain (and subdomains) e-mail address.
Stewardship and Custodianship of E-mail Policy

ITS Equipment Borrowing Policy

ITS supports lending equipment to the campus community.  It is important that borrowed equipment be returned in the same working order that it was in when it was loaned to ensure that the equipment is ready for the next person who is scheduled to borrow it.  Damaged equipment, late returns, and non-returns are discouraged through monetary fees  to the borrower.
Equipment Borrowing Policy

Policy on Support for Ancillary Apps Available Through Google Apps for Education

This document outlines the terms under which ITS will support ancillary applications (apps) available as part of the Google Apps for Education suite of products. This document does not cover support for the Core Suite of Apps (Mail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Sites, Contacts and Google Groups). This document covers policy on the availability and supported use of the ever-changing suite of products that are available through Google Apps for Education including, but not limited to, YouTube, Google Maps, Picasa and other products. As of the writing of this document the complete list of Apps is available in Google documentation
Policy on Support for Ancillary Apps Available Through Google Apps for Education

Copyright Violations

This policy outlines the process that occurs when the University has received a formal complaint by a copyright holder who has submitted evidence that a computer registered in the name of a student, faculty, or staff member who is sharing copyrighted material on the Internet. Once notified of a potential violation, we are obligated to take immediate action to prevent serious legal and other consequences.
Copyright Violation Policy

Equipment Donations

Colgate University purchases computers and AV equipment for faculty, staff, classrooms, labs and auditoria. At the end of their lifecycle there are options outlined in this policy for recycling, reselling, or donating this equipment.
Equipment Donation Policy

ITS (Internal) Corporate Card Usage

This policy is intended to complement the University procedure for corporate card usage by setting specific usage guidelines for ITS staff.
Corporate Card Usage Policy (Internal ITS)

ITS (Internal) Training and Travel

ITS supports the participation of its employees in training and conferences for professional development and opportunities to present to peers. This document outlines the procedure for requesting training and travel funds to attend short-term, professionally oriented programs that keep participants informed of evolving technologies and changing practices in their area of specialization.
Training and Travel Policy (Internal ITS)

ITS Data Sharing with External Entities (Under Review)

This document outlines the requirements that must be met prior to providing personally identifiable information (PII) or sensitive personal information (SPI) taken from University owned and managed electronic systems to external entities (for example, affiliated third party vendors or subcontractors working on, or storing, data on behalf of the university). 
ITS Data Sharing with External Entities