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Getting Connected to the Colgate Network

Colgate University provides both wired and wireless access to the network. Every residential room has one ethernet port per person and wireless is available throughout campus.

Wireless Access

For guest access, please visit our Guest page.

Connect to "eduroam"

The eduroam network is available at Colgate as well as select other higher education institutions. Once connected to the eduroam network, you will automatically connect when on any participating campus.

Select your operating system or platform for complete instructions.

Wired Access

  1. Plug in your ethernet cable.
  2. Open a web browser and enter your network username and password.

Connect Gaming and Streaming Devices

Devices that do not have a web browser such as gaming systems and other media-streaming devices will require a manual registration.

Click here for complete instructions on how to register gaming systems of media-streaming devices.  Once you have reviewed the instructions, continue below. 

Click here to register your gaming system or media-streaming device.


Routers and wireless printers are not able to be validated and are prohibited. These devices diminish the quality of our wireless network.