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The ITS Academic Technologies team works collaboratively with faculty members and academic departments to effectively integrate digital technologies into teaching, learning and course design. We offer consultation and support services that facilitate the exploration and meaningful use of technology in education, including the following: instructional design, technology integration, Moodle course development, digital media services, and support for student projects.

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Jeff Nugent

Director of Academic Technologies

EdS, Instructional Technology, University of Virginia
MAEd, Science Education, East Carolina University
BA, Philosophy & Anthropology, Binghamton University

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Jeff joined Colgate University as the Director of Academic Technologies in October 2014. In his current role at Colgate, Jeff provides leadership to advance teaching and learning with technology through enhanced support for faculty, program development and ongoing assessment of services. Prior to coming to Colgate, Jeff was Co-Director at the Center for Teaching Excellence at Virginia Commonwealth University. While at VCU he led a broad range of initiatives including the development of a faculty learning communities program, support for online course design and teaching, exploration of learning space design, and promoting learning innovation through the use of digital technologies. His current interests focus on the use of web-based platforms to support connected learning, and understanding factors that shape faculty adoption of technology to support their teaching practices in face-to-face and online environments.

In his free time Jeff enjoys waving a high-tech graphite stick in the streams and lakes of upstate NY in the hopes of catching trout.

Zlatko Grozl

Instructional Technologist

BA, Information Science, Hartwick College

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As an Instructional Technologist, Zlatko (or "Z") helps faculty implement technology in pedagogy.  He works with faculty members on identifying the right tools, and also offers teaching workshops for students who are working on a particular project. Zlatko does a lot of work with video production as well as i>Clicker Personal Response Systems, and has taught workshops on Prezi, Google Apps For Education products, Final Cut X and more.  Z has worked with many different departments across campus, with focus mainly on Humanities.  

In his free time Zlatko plays music, enjoys nature, and cooks good food.

Doug Higgins

Instructional Technologist

MS, Adolescence Education, Utica College
BS, Civil Engineering, University at Buffalo

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Doug joined Colgate University following a career in engineering and teaching, during which he developed an appreciation for the use of technology in education. With over nine years of teaching experience in the secondary and collegiate levels, he has combined pedagogy with technology through a variety of applications. Currently, Doug is exploring the use of 3D scanning, modeling, and printing to support learning in and out of the classroom. He also helps support Moodle; data visualization and analysis; online and flipped classrooms; web sites and blogs; and poster projects.

In his free time Doug enjoys holding his infant twin girls while playing the boardgame Pretty Pretty Princess with his four-year-old daughter.  

Sarah Kunze

Senior Instructional Technologist

BS, Computer & Information Science, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

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In her tenth year at Colgate, Sarah is co-chair of the Collaboration for Enhanced Learning (CEL) a three-way partnership between teaching faculty, Library faculty and Instructional Technologists to support faculty in the identification, selection, and use of technologies and information resources applicable to their teaching. Her particular focus is on supporting video projects throughout the curriculum. Sarah also manages the Digital Learning & Media Center (DLMC), a state-of-the-art digital media lab and its staff.

In her free time Sarah enjoys travel and scuba diving.

Dan Wheeler

Lead Instructional Technologist

MS, Computer Science, RPI
BS, Oceanography, US Naval Academy

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A jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none with Colgate ITS since 2000, Dan currently spends much of his time supporting Colgate’s Moodle learning management system, instructing and responding to questions and requests from faculty and students and managing the Linux systems where Moodle and other academic services reside. He also helps support mapping efforts; web sites, blogs, and wikis; and poster projects. Professionally Dan is interested in human-computer interaction and collaborative software environments.  A scientist at heart, he also loves history and political science and the rest of the liberal arts.

In his free time Dan enjoys reading, hiking, biking, photography, yoga, the Horse Flies, KEXP, and driving ambulance.


Learning Technologist
The Learning Technologist position currently in the search process will have more focus on teaching and instructional design. 

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