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Classrooms, Digital Media and Events

Classrooms, Digital Media and Events (CDME) is a department within ITS staffed by classroom, media and event specialists. We collaborate with faculty, staff and our colleagues in ITS to support teaching and learning by maintaining and supporting classrooms, capturing, editing and creating digital media, supporting audio-visual (AV) installations, and providing special services related to events and exhibitions. 

AV Support

CDME maintains the computer and presentation systems in Colgate’s 113 classrooms and 96 mixed use and event spaces. Keeping these important learning environments up-to-date and working well, and ensuring your experience is smooth and consistent, is our top priority.  We focus on buying the most reliable equipment and making sustainable purchasing decisions. Delivering a consistent self-service experience is important to you, so it's important to us. Visit AV Support to learn more about our services.

Enabling our Community - Training Available

We offer one-on-one AV system demonstrations to faculty and staff so that you can use our classrooms and meeting spaces easily and confidently.

Our one-on-one demonstrations are brief and painless and can be scheduled before your planned class, meeting or event. Contact the ITS Service Desk at or call us at 315-228-7111. We will make every effort to schedule a one-on-one session that best accommodates your schedule.

Digital Media

We can help you record, edit and publish audio and video recordings, renderings and other digital media content. Working with colleagues in ITS Innovation and Applied Learning, together we provide the technical support you need to build content for courses, publish material on Moodle, and upload digital video to Ensemble or YouTube.

Be sure to check out Colgate’s modern and well-equipped video and audio recording studios in the Case Library & Geyer Center for Information Technology. Our staff provide consultation and production assistance for single or multi-camera productions and advanced audio mixing and recording capabilities.

Additional capabilities and project assistance are available. Contact the ITS Service Desk at 315-228-7111 or email to get started.

Event Management

We can provide most audio-visual equipment for all but the largest and most complex events. Please visit Event Support to learn more.

After Hours Support 

Limited after-hours support is available. Prior to 8:00 a.m. and after 5:30 p.m. ITS can not guarantee the availability of staff to support events or classroom activities. Training and equipment loans are available to supplement any scheduling and resource challenges. Beginning July 1st, 2019, overtime accrued by professional staff is the responsibility of the requesting department. Advanced notice will be provided to the requestor in the event that overtime is required.

Cancelling Events and No-Shows

Successful events require planning and resource management. If you need to cancel an event, we ask that you call or email the ITS Service Desk within 24 hours of an event. Failure to cancel an event jeopardizes resource availability for other potential events. Frequent no-shows result in limited support availability for other events.