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Preparing Proposals

Proposals for grants or subcontracts that will be administered by Colgate (i.e., funds are paid to and disbursed by the college) must be reviewed and approved before they are submitted to the funding agency.
  1. Fill out and sign a yellow Grant Application Approval cover sheet, available from your department's administrative assistant, the Grants Office or here.

  2. Where appropriate, obtain the signatures of the following:
    • Institutional Review Board -- for projects requiring the use of human subjects
    • Animal Care and Use Committee -- for projects requiring the use of laboratory animals
    • Chemical Hygiene/Biosafety Officer -- for projects requiring the use of hazardous substances
    • Radiation Safety Officer -- for projects requiring the use of radioactive substances
    • Director of Human Resources and VP for Finance and Administration -- for projects including new positions
  3. For government grants, include the following additional forms when circulating proposals:
  4. Obtain signatures of department chair, division director, associate provost and dean of faculty.

  5. At least five business days before your submission date, take proposal to the Grants Office (G6 James B. Colgate Hall) for review by the director of corporate, foundation, and government relations, assistant controller, and controller. The Grants Office will proofread your proposal, check the budget, and obtain the remaining signatures. We will contact you when approval is complete and let you know if additional information or corrections are needed before the proposal is submitted.

  6. For electronic submissions, complete or upload the proposal and budget according to the agency's guidelines. If required, the Grants Office will complete the electronic submission when approvals are complete and the faculty member confirms that the proposal is ready to submit.

  7. For hard-copy submissions, send copies of the final proposal to the Dean/Provost and the Grants Office.

To Facilitate Approval

  • Contact the Grants Office early and let us know your plans and your deadline. The Grants Office functions as the pre-award Sponsored Research Office (SRO) and can advise on proposal preparation, interpret agency guidelines and assist with any required documents or letters of support.

  • Follow Colgate Guidelines for Preparing Proposal Budgets.

  • Make appointments with the appropriate people (division director, associate provost, dean or associate dean of the faculty) to discuss aspects of the project that involve university funds or space. Examples include cost-sharing, release time, equipment needs, hiring personnel, construction or renovation of facilities, or space needs.

  • Proposals that include any new positions – temporary or permanent, full- or part-time – require additional approvals by Human Resources and the VP for Finance and Administration. Consult with the Grants Office early in the process if you plan to include new personnel.

  • Send a draft budget to the Grants Office for review well in advance of the deadline. Nearly all delays in the final routing of proposals are due to budget errors.

  • Allow sufficient time to circulate the proposal and obtain signatures on the yellow Grant Application Approval cover sheet.

  • Include any agency forms requiring the signature of a university official. The Grants Office will obtain the signature of Colgate's Authorized Organizational Representative Thomas A. O'Neill, associate vice president and controller.

Submitting Federal Proposals

  • NSF proposals are submitted via fastlane and require one-time registration of principal investigators / project directors through Colgate's Grants Office.
  • NIH proposals are submitted via and require one-time registration for the project director / principal investigator in eRA Commons, through Colgate's Grants Office.
  • For NEH fellowships and summer stipends, individual applicants must register with at We recommend that faculty allow plenty of time to complete the registration. Contact the Grants Office staff at ext. 7451 if you need assistance.

Colgate University's Information for Federal Applications

Legal name: Colgate University
County: Madison
Zip code + 4: 13346-1398
Employer Identification # (EIN): 150532078
Organizational DUNS: 002253615
Congressional District: NY-022

Post-Award Administration and Reporting

  • When a proposal is funded, the Grants Office sends a copy of the award letter to the project director and to those who signed Colgate's approval sheet. If you receive notification directly from the funding agency, please forward a copy of the letter to the Grants Office.
  • The Accounting Office serves as the post-award audit function for grants and sponsored research.
  • Click on Reporting and Stewardship for information about reporting responsibilities for funded grants.
Note: The above approval process is not required for grants and fellowships paid directly to the faculty member. However, you should notify your department chair, particularly if the grant/fellowship will include a leave or course reduction. Grants Office staff are available to advise you on proposal strategies and to proofread proposal drafts.