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Administrative Services Statement of Values

Shared values are the defining elements of a community; they help us understand how we are alike and why we should bond together. They explain our beliefs and expectations to our customers, colleagues, and neighbors. Since values inform our behavior, they help us determine a course of action in the absence of policies and procedures.

Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is the hallmark and salient value of our division. We listen carefully to our customers to understand their needs, and address them quickly and effectively. We go the extra mile to respond by providing better service than expected. Our ability to exceed customer expectations is the litmus test of our performance.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the sine qua non of excellence. Each of us is responsible for continuously improving our services and products through our learning and experience. Therefore, we attend classes, conferences, and seminars; participate in professional organizations; read relevant journals and books; ask questions; and request help. We attempt to identify the best practices in our profession and adapt them to the Colgate environment.


Improvement requires exploring new ways of doing things more effectively and efficiently.  Experimentation and risk-taking flourish when people are empowered and encouraged to do so. We create a safe environment by interpreting failure as a natural and predictable response to experimentation. Finally, we encourage and reward those with enough intellectual flexibility and vision to help them succeed.

Mutual Support and Mentoring

Because our professional activities are complex and interdisciplinary, most of us work closely with others. We respect our colleagues, help them accomplish their objectives, and support each other. When we believe things can be improved more quickly or less expensively, we share this information and help implement new ideas. By providing honest and specific feedback, we give our colleagues the advice they need to improve their performance.

Valuing Others

Every employee wants to feel valued by others through positive feedback. By providing fair compensation, expressions of gratitude, and compassionate treatment to those in difficulty, we help our colleagues feel appreciated by us and our university; in turn, all of us are encouraged to produce our best work.

Professional Excellence

Our performance standard is excellence. We master the technical skills required to perform at this level, and our services and products reflect these skills. We look, act, and speak with professionalism. Our activities are strictly ethical, moral, and legal.

Community Responsibility

Colgate is an integrated member of the Hamilton and Chenango Valley business communities. We therefore listen carefully to our institutional, corporate, and civic neighbors and respond with concern, compassion, and equanimity. We seek to incorporate their objectives with ours and, when possible, help them accomplish these objectives within the limits of our resources.

Informed Decision Making

We prepare for decision making by gathering objective information and opinions.

Personal Responsibility

Colgate is comprised of the faculty, staff, and students who work and study here. The university can only be at its best when we are at our best. Therefore, each of us takes personal responsibility for making Colgate a better place.

Responsible Stewardship of Resources

Each of us is responsible for preserving and appropriately managing Colgate’s resources by developing accurate and realistic budgets. We take all appropriate measures to safeguard university equipment, assets, and property, and make efficient and appropriate use of technology.