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Carolina Castilla

Carolina Castilla

Assistant Professor in Economics
Economics, 231 Persson Hall
p 315-228-7541
My research interests are in development economics applied to intra-household decision making, behavioral economics, and applied econometrics. Learn more about my research here. I will be on leave during spring 2015 at the Dyson School, Cornell University.


BS, MS, Universidad de las Americas, Puebla 2003, 2006; PhD, The Ohio State University, 2011


Development economics, intra-household economics, and behavioral economics


Intra-household decision-making, development economics, behavioral economics, econometrics


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  8. Rojas, Mariano and Castilla, Carolina. 2010. "Crisis Bancarias y comportamiento Estralegico: Un enfoque a nivel banco." Administracion de Riesgos.
Working Papers
  • Castilla, Carolina. 2014. "Trust, Reciprocity and Trustworthiness between Spouses: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Gender differences in India."
  • Castilla, Carolina. 2014. "What's yours is Mine, and What's Mine is Mine: Bargaining Power and Income Concealing between Spouses in India."
  • Castilla, Carolina. 2013. (with Thomas Walker)  “Gender Roles and Asymmetric Information: Non-cooperative behavior on Intra-Household Allocation” (under review)
  • Castilla, Carolina. 2011 “Ties that Bind: The Kin System as a Mechanism of Income-Hiding between Spouses in Rural Ghana.” UNU-WIDER Working Paper 2013/007.
  • Castilla, Carolina. 2010 “Intra-Household Decision-Making under Incomplete Information: Modeling Income Hiding between Spouses.” (under review)
  • Castilla, Carolina (with Ahmad Emad, student). 2013. The Effect of MGNREGA on Consumption Smoothing of Rural Households in India 
Old Papers:
  • Castilla, Carolina. 2008. “Heteroskedasticity in Fixed-Effects One-way Error Component Models: Evaluating the Performance of Standard Tests ” 
Work in Progress:
  • Endogenous Household formation in response to Systemic Shocks (with Benjamin Anderson)
  • Team Work and Cooperative Behavior (with Takao Kato)
  • Field Experiment on the Effect of Information and Altruism on Voluntary Blood Donation in India
  • Girl Empowerment Effect on Intra-Household Allocation
  • Effect of Gender Electoral Quotas on Female Empowerment within the Household in India 


  • Outstanding Dissertation Award, AEDE Department, The Ohio State University 2012
  • DeVries Memorial Fund Award 2010
  • Edward J. Ray Travel Award 2010
  • Honorable Mention to a Research Manuscript by a Second-Year PhD Student, 2008.
  • Major Grant, Colgate University (PI) June, 2013 – August 2014 
  • Summer Research Apprenticeship Funding, Colgate University (PI) June, 2012 – August, 2012 
  • Major Grant, Colgate University (PI) June, 2012 – June, 2013 
  • Alumni Grant for Graduate Research and Scholarship. (PI) July, 2010 – July, 2011