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Consultant Profiles

Anastassia Bougakova '16
I am a sophomore planning to major in sociology and English. Most of my writing experience lies in the humanities and social sciences, but I’m excited to help out with papers in other fields as well. I especially love working on literary analyses and research papers, so I've come to enjoy writing and editing papers of above-average length. I’m comfortable with all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to polishing a final draft, and am particularly interested in organizing a paper in a well-structured manner that leaves room for a creative flow of ideas. I look forward to helping you with any aspect of your paper this semester!
Jessica Capwell '16
I'm a junior from Charlotte, NC majoring in French literature and minoring in English, but my academic interests also include anthropology and religion. Whether you’ve just started brainstorming, need help solidifying your thesis, or have already written a rough draft, I can help you at any point in the writing process. I’m excited to work with students on all different types of writing assignments, but I have the most extensive experience with analytical and research papers. Between creative writing courses at Colgate and serving on the editing staff of the Colgate Portfolio, I spend a lot of time working with creative writing—feel free to come work with me on any creative or reflective assignments you may have!
Sarah Chandler '16
I am a junior majoring in international relations. I have a lot of experience writing many different papers and I can help you at any point during the writing process. I like to get my creative juices flowing so if you need help brainstorming, I’m your girl! Being a journalist for the Maroon News has also helped me finesse my editing skills, so if you need help cutting some parts of your paper, I'm here. In addition, I lead the Creative Writing Initiative on campus, so if you have any stories, poems, or more reflective prompts I really enjoy reading and working on those.
Iris Chen '17
I am a sophomore planning to major in music and English with an emphasis on creative writing. Because of my academic interests, my writing focuses mostly on argumentative and analytic papers. I also have experience writing research papers in both social science and natural science. From argument development to detailed analysis, I am open to all kinds of questions in all stages of writing. My ultimate goal, after all, is to give you a helping hand on your way of becoming a better writer, and to help you enjoy the writing process as much as possible!
Federico Elizondo '17
Currently, I am a sophomore with an intended double major in psychology and sociology. I am very passionate about multidisciplinary education, and I look forward to working with students from all fields. I am always willing to offer a helpful hand to you at any point in your writing process. I have a background in Spanish and debate, and, unsurprisingly, I debate in Spanish. With that said, I am willing to help you if you have any speeches, presentations, or would simply like to expand on your speaking skills -- English or Spanish.
Hannah Goldstein '16
I'm a sophomore from Chicago. Though I'm quite undecided about my major, some of my academic interests include English, women's studies, and political science. When I'm not working in the Writing and Speaking Center, I keep busy as an Outdoor Education staff member, as well as a member of the Swinging 'Gates. I'm crazy about writing, and would love to help you with any aspects of your assignment!
Rachel Gordh '15
I’m a senior from New York City majoring in religion and minoring in film and media studies. I’m especially interested in art history, English and all humanities courses but would love to work on papers in any discipline. I love helping brainstorm and working through complex ideas in sessions so please come in at any point in your writing process! Also, I love coffee ice cream.
Jess Gorski '16
I’m a junior with a double major in history and Spanish. I’ve taken a wide variety of classes at Colgate (ranging from biology and psychology to political science and English) and love working through outlining and planning papers; however, I’m excited by writing at all stages of the process! Tutoring the Verbal section of the SATs has trained me to pay close attention to grammar rules and errors, and I am happy to help in any capacity with papers of all kinds!
Anindya Guha '15
I'm a junior majoring in computer science and mathematics. Writing is a passion of mine, and I love discussing ideas and strategies with other writers. I'm happy to work with writers from any and all disciplines, regardless of what stage of the writing process they're in. I'm also a seasoned member of the Colgate Debate Club, and I thoroughly enjoy listening to speeches and providing feedback; so please do consider coming to me for your speaking needs too! When I'm not studying, debating, or working at the Writing and Speaking Center, I like to sit in a quiet room and reflect upon the meaning of life.
Peter Juviler '15
I'm a senior majoring in molecular biology with a minor in creative writing. I'm always excited to work with students at the writing center on anything from prompt to completed draft. Although I am a science major, I enjoy reading a variety of papers from many fields of study. I will do my best to focus on your specific needs and concerns, and my hope is that you will leave the center feeling more confident in your writing ability. No assignment is too small or too large, so please stop by.
Alyse Kalish '16
I am a junior majoring in English, which means I like reading and writing so much that I want to do it all the time!  If you are looking for a sounding board or an extra pair of eyes, I am here to listen and help, and the whole process is just as fun and rewarding for me as it hopefully is for you. I would say I have the most experience as a writer in literary analysis and creative writing, but I really love organizing, restructuring and refining any essay and reading about new, interesting topics. When I’m not at the Writing and Speaking Center, you will probably see me giving tours, eating, napping, and dancing in Dancefest!
John Murphy '15
I’m a senior majoring in international relations and minoring in economics, although I am also interested in philosophy. As someone who struggled with writing before arriving at Colgate, I’m intimately familiar with the aches and pains that accompany each stage of the writing process. I’ve had the pleasure to work with writers from a variety of disciplines here at Colgate, so I am comfortable reading papers for all subjects. Although I’d love to assist you with any aspect of your written work, I particularly enjoy working on argumentative structure and organization, so if you have a tricky argument you are trying to flesh out, bring it on! As a student of politics and philosophy, I also place great importance on producing work that engages with both the conceptual and practical issues of our time. I hope I have the opportunity to help you capture ideas and themes that matter, not only to you, but to your peers as well!
Julia O’Neil '16
I am a junior majoring in economics and international relations. I’m happy to help with any stage of the writing process and I particularly enjoy working on the structure and organization of a paper. Besides working at the Writing and Speaking Center, I am also a research assistant and am in Colgate’s Debate Society. Whether you’re at the beginning of the writing process, looking to make a good paper even better, or want feedback on a speech or presentation, I would love to help out!
Maddy Peck '15
I'm a junior from Boulder, CO majoring in economics and minoring in writing and rhetoric. I'll gladly read papers or listen to speeches on any subject, but I have background in debate so I'm always eager to work with students writing arguments concerning politics, international affairs, economics, or current events. In my writing, I try to find a balance between concisely expressing logical ideas and including elaborate sentence structure with interesting vocabulary -- writing can be purposeful and pretty at the same time.
Gisselle Perez-Leon '15 I’m a senior from New York City majoring in history and Spanish. While I have particular interests in Latin-American studies, literature, and political science, I’m happy to help with assignments across disciplines. I also compete in Spanish-language debate, so feel free to rehearse presentations with me! When I’m not at the WSC, I’m probably at WRCU, a LASO event, or choreographing for the Latin American Dance team!
Alex Pustelnyk '17
I am a sophomore from Austin, Texas majoring in philosophy. I have a special passion for public speaking, and have competed on numerous regional and national debate circuits. I believe that the key to successful public speaking is confidence in one’s message, knowledge, and style. Whether you need assistance overcoming speaking anxiety, organizing presentations, or simply practicing your craft, I would love to help you achieve your goals as a successful public speaker.
Zoe Smith '17
I am a sophomore from St. Louis, Missouri. Although I am undecided about my major, I enjoying taking classes in sociology, education, and English. In addition to working in the Writing Center, I work as a Link and am involved in the club Sidekicks. Writing is one of my favorite activities and I look forward to helping you with any aspect of your assignment!
Vincent Sterel '16
I am a sophomore planning to major in Middle Eastern studies with a potential minor elsewhere in the humanities. I am an international student from Holland who grew up in Dubai and currently lives in Shanghai, China. I love working with students at any stage of the writing process, but I particularly like brainstorming and planning in order to establish a logical flow of ideas. Please come to me with any kind of paper as I'm always willing to learn about new topics.
Alanna Ticali '16
I'm a sophomore majoring in cellular neuroscience and minoring in the classics. These two focuses may seem to be a very odd combination, but they really highlight my diverse interests as a student! I love to work on analysis and synthesis of ideas into convincing arguments, as well as organization, structure and grammar. I'm familiar with the format of lab reports, and enjoy learning new things whenever I can. To me, writing a great paper is just as fulfilling as finishing a movie marathon while eating dark chocolate -- let me try my best to help you get there!
Lee Tremblay '16
I’m a junior from the Seattle area, double majoring in English with a creative writing emphasis and Social Science with a Global Issues focus. I’m most familiar with literary analysis and research papers, although I’ve also written a fair number of lab reports and op-ed articles. I currently report for the Maroon News and participate frequently in speech competitions, and I’m interested in reading papers from any field!
Julie Wiese '15
I'm a senior from right outside of Washington, DC. Although I love helping out with papers related to my major and minor (philosophy and economics), I'm so excited to help you with any and all of your assignments. Feel free to tell me how you prefer to structure our appointment; whether you want to work on only one section or the entirety of your paper, we will absolutely make strides in your work! If I'm not at the Writing Center, you'll likely find me at the climbing wall, or going for a cross-country ski up on the hill. I look forward to meeting you!
Sarah Wooton '15
I’m senior from outside of Rochester, NY majoring in educational studies. While I’m committed to a major now, I spent my first couple of years at Colgate exploring a host of disciplines, leaving me particularly interested in social justice issues and psychology. I’d be glad to help with papers in any stage of the writing process. Outside of my job at the writing center, I’m a CL for first-years and spend a lot of my time singing with the Dischords.
Marissa Yuen '17
I’m a sophomore from Honolulu, Hawaii. Although I’m planning to major in English with an emphasis in creative writing, I love to work on assignments in any and all disciplines. When I’m not in the Writing and Speaking Center, you can find me supporting our Colgate Raiders as a member of the cheerleading squad. I look forward to helping you in any way I can!
Zoe Zissu '16
I am a junior from Pittsburgh, PA double majoring in history and economics. My favorite type of writing assignment is a research paper or any longer analytical paper, but I have written papers for a variety of disciplines. I can help with all aspects of the writing process, from brainstorming initial ideas to polishing a final draft. I have many interests outside my majors and would be happy to help you with a paper on any topic!