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Consultant Profiles

Anastassia Bougakova '16
I am a sophomore planning to major in sociology and English. Most of my writing experience lies in the humanities and social sciences, but I’m excited to help out with papers in other fields as well. I especially love working on literary analyses and research papers, so I've come to enjoy writing and editing papers of above-average length. I’m comfortable with all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to polishing a final draft, and am particularly interested in organizing a paper in a well-structured manner that leaves room for a creative flow of ideas. I look forward to helping you with any aspect of your paper this semester!
Hoa Bui '14
I am a senior majoring in education and minoring in writing and rhetoric. As an international student, I have experienced many difficulties writing and speaking in English that native speakers don't have to face. Having been through a hard time learning to write myself, I am confident that I can help other international students improve their writing. In writing, I value the structure and the flow from one idea to the next. So far, I have taken classes in all four CORE areas, plus linguistics, astronomy, math, education, LGBTQ studies, and many classes in other departments. I plan to experience a liberal arts education in its entirety, so please feel free to bring your essay to me, no matter the topic.
Zachary Coe '14
I'm a senior majoring in English with a creative writing emphasis, but my academic interests also include film, music and philosophy. When I'm not in the writing center, I'm probably holed up in WRCU debating other DJs about the (in my opinion, infinite) merits of Bruce Springsteen. I've always loved writing and can think of few things more satisfying than articulating and structuring an argument. I'm open to all kinds of papers and would be glad to help out with any questions you may have at any point in the writing process!
Sarah Chandler '16
I am a sophomore double majoring in International Relations and English. I have a lot of experience writing many different papers and I can help you at any point during the writing process. I like to get my creative juices flowing so if you need help brainstorming, I’m your girl! Being a journalist for the Maroon News has also helped me finesse my editing skills, so if you have a rough draft or final draft or need help cutting some parts of your paper, I’d also love to help. In addition, I lead the Creative Writing Initiative on campus, so if you have any stories, poems, or more reflective prompts I really enjoy reading and working on those.
Christina Crowley '14
I'm a senior from Bainbridge Island, Washington. I'm a history major and geography minor, and I was abroad with the London history group last semester. I enjoy reading papers across all disciplines, and I especially like working on structure and organization.
Emma Ellis '14
I'm a senior majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing. I am also interested in history, art, and biology. Most of my paper writing experience is in the humanities and social sciences, but I'm always happy to help with anything. I love the outlining process; sessions focused on discussing, refining, and organizing ideas tend to be some of my favorites. When I'm not working in the Writing & Speaking Center, I'm either hanging out there or attempting to feed myself.
Keith England '14
I am a senior majoring in international relations and minoring in economics. I also have experience with literary analysis and history research papers. I am originally from Chicago, IL and spent the spring semester of my junior year studying abroad in Geneva, Switzerland.
Samantha Frankel '14
I am a senior majoring in mathematical economics with a minor in writing and rhetoric. This combination of major and minor may seem unlikely; however, it illustrates that even someone with a mind for computing and problem solving can find both pleasure and success in writing and public address. I serve as both a writing and speaking consultant at the center and am trained to help you with presentations and speeches, in addition to essays and papers. Stop by at any time and I will be more than willing to help you in any way that I can!
Hannah Goldstein '16
I'm a sophomore from Chicago. Though I'm quite undecided about my major, some of my academic interests include English, women's studies, and political science. When I'm not working in the Writing and Speaking Center, I keep busy as an Outdoor Education staff member, as well as a member of the Swinging 'Gates. I'm crazy about writing, and would love to help you with any aspects of your assignment!
Anindya Guha '15
I'm a junior majoring in computer science and mathematics. Writing is a passion of mine, and I love discussing ideas and strategies with other writers. I'm happy to work with writers from any and all disciplines, regardless of what stage of the writing process they're in. I'm also a seasoned member of the Colgate Debate Club, and I thoroughly enjoy listening to speeches and providing feedback; so please do consider coming to me for your speaking needs too! When I'm not studying, debating, or working at the Writing and Speaking Center, I like to sit in a quiet room and reflect upon the meaning of life.
Jessica Gunzel '14
I am a senior majoring in international relations and minoring in peace and conflict studies. I have experience writing many different types of papers, from close-text analyses to larger research papers. I am eager to assist with all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to proofreading the final draft, as well as serve as a sounding board for any ideas or challenges you would like to work through for your paper. So even if you would just like to come in for a casual chat about your ideas and concerns during the writing process, I would love to hear from you!
Peter Juviler '15
I'm a junior from just outside of Boston majoring in molecular biology. I'm always excited to work with students at the writing center on anything from prompt to completed draft. Although I am a science major, I enjoy reading a variety of papers from many fields of study. I will do my best to focus on your specific needs and concerns, and my hope is that you will leave the center feeling more confident in your writing ability. No assignment is too small or too large, so please stop by.
Claire Littlefield '14
I am a senior majoring in history. I have the most experience writing argumentative and analytical papers, but I love to read and give feedback on all kinds of writing. My favorite sessions start with a general idea and work towards a well-crafted thesis and strong outline. I also enjoy public speaking, and can help you develop exciting class presentations with impact. Whether you’d like to focus on particular concerns or just need a second opinion, I would love to see you at any stage of your writing or speaking process. I also go to a different diner every Sunday, and I always order eggs over easy with rye toast.
Maddy Peck '15
I'm a junior from Boulder, CO majoring in economics and minoring in writing and rhetoric. I'll gladly read papers or listen to speeches on any subject, but I have background in debate so I'm always eager to work with students writing arguments concerning politics, international affairs, economics, or current events. In my writing, I try to find a balance between concisely expressing logical ideas and including elaborate sentence structure with interesting vocabulary -- writing can be purposeful and pretty at the same time.
Vincent Sterel '16
I am a sophomore planning to major in Middle Eastern studies with a potential minor elsewhere in the humanities. I am an international student from Holland who grew up in Dubai and currently lives in Shanghai, China. I love working with students at any stage of the writing process, but I particularly like brainstorming and planning in order to establish a logical flow of ideas. Please come to me with any kind of paper as I'm always willing to learn about new topics.
Alanna Ticali '16
I'm a sophomore majoring in cellular neuroscience and minoring in the classics. These two focuses may seem to be a very odd combination, but they really highlight my diverse interests as a student! I love to work on analysis and synthesis of ideas into convincing arguments, as well as organization, structure and grammar. I'm familiar with the format of lab reports, and enjoy learning new things whenever I can. To me, writing a great paper is just as fulfilling as finishing a movie marathon while eating dark chocolate -- let me try my best to help you get there!
Aaron Tobert '14
I am currently a senior majoring in economics and minoring in philosophy. I have also taken courses in almost every social science. My philosophy is that good writing is never quick and easy, but it shouldn't be painful either. Even the hardest papers are manageable with the right preparation. Outside of the writing center, I am a microeconomics tutor, research assistant, and co-music coordinator for Broad Street Records.
Julie Wiese '15
I'm a junior from right outside of Washington, DC. Although I love helping out with papers related to my major and minor (philosophy and economics), I'm so excited to help you with any and all of your assignments. Feel free to tell me how you prefer to structure our appointment; whether you want to work on only one section or the entirety of your paper, we will absolutely make strides in your work! If I'm not at the Writing Center, you'll likely find me at the climbing wall, or going for a cross country ski up on the ski hill. I look forward to meeting you!