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Student Research Fellowship Program

Students conducting scholarship on the upstate New York region during their senior year may be appointed as Research Fellows of the Upstate Institute.


Projects with the Upstate Institute are expected to be undertaken as part of an honors project and/or independent study course during the fellow's senior year. However, all undergraduates are eligible to conduct research with faculty in other venues.

If the student is awarded a research fellowship with the Upstate Institute, we will seek to provide financial support for research costs. The fellow will submit the completed project to the sponsoring department or program for evaluation. If the final project meets the standards for honors within the academic program, the results will be made available to the community and archived on the Upstate Institute website.

The student may also be invited to participate in a symposium on regional scholarship organized during the spring semester.


To be eligible, a student must be a senior engaged in honors level research within a department or interdisciplinary program, and nominated by a faculty member in the sponsoring department or program.


The student candidate will submit a description of the scholarly project concerning the upstate New York region to the director of the Upstate Institute for review by the members of the executive board. The proposal should also include an estimate of the expenses associated with the project.

About the Fellows

Learn about current and past research fellows, their projects, and their findings in the Upstate Institute's news and announcements:
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