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Lifelong Learning

Never stop experiencing the joys of learning!
A Lifelong Learning Program discussion around a large table


We are a collaboration between Colgate University and the community to provide adults with ongoing education for the enrichment of their lives in a diversity of fields.

Membership and Course Registration

You can participate in the program either by purchasing a membership, or by enrolling in individual sessions. Membership entitles you to:
  • Access to an unlimited number of programs, seminars and special events
  • A 20% discount at the Colgate Bookstore any day of the week on most regularly-priced items*
  • Borrowing privileges at the Case Library at Colgate University
  • Discounted admission to the 5:30pm Indie Film Series at the Hamilton Theater
  • Individual membership: $40 / year
  • Family membership: $70 / year
  • Or, pay per course: $5/session (e.g. one course with four sessions: $20)


Or, send an e-mail to with the subject line Spring 2015 Course Registration

*Colgate Bookstore discount may not be combined with other discounts. Excludes computers, textbooks, consignment, sale items, and restricted brands.


Please make checks payable to Lifelong Learning Program and mail to:
Upstate Institute at Colgate University
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY 13346

Course Proposal

The LLP is always looking for qualified instructors to teach courses. All of our community instructors volunteer their time, but we are able to express our appreciation with a small gift card to the Colgate Bookstore. If you have a skill or knowledge in a specific area and are interested in teaching, please complete a Course Proposal form and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The responses entered into the Course Proposal form will be automatically recorded. Please follow the instructions in the MOU for submission. Both forms can also be emailed to or mailed to:

Lifelong Learning Program
Upstate Institute at Colgate University
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY 13346



Contact Information

Phone: 315-228-6623

Spring 2015 see courses below...
January Courses

Do I need a Will and/or Revocable Trust?  What are the Medicaid Issues in Gifts to Family Members?
This will be an objective discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of wealth transmission by will, revocable trust, and other documents. Issues regarding Medicaid eligibility and disqualification will also be discussed in this context.
Date/Time: January 8th, 3:30-5:00 pm
Location: Hamilton Public Library
Facilitator: Attorney at Law, Chris J. Kendall

Ebola in Africa: The Anthropology of an International Response
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has triggered a massive international response, mobilized the militaries of numerous countries, and directed new attention to the public health infrastructure in several West African states. This course examines how anthropologists have become incorporated into the response as advisers to the UN, WHO, CDC, and other organizations, based on the instructor’s personal experience since the summer of 2014.
Date/Time: January 13; 4:30-6:00 pm
Location: Colgate Bookstore
Facilitator: Mary Moran

Poetry and Climate Change
What perspectives can poetry offer climate change, or vice versa? As part of the Climates of Change: CNY Arts Festival, we will create two poems on an issue facing all of us. After the class, participants can stay involved through poetry activities featured on the festival website. Participants should printout and bring any two news articles about climate change. The hope is that poetry about climate change will let us say what we need to say.
Date/Time: January 22; 5:30-7:00 pm
Location: Hamilton Public Library
Facilitator: Devon Branca

February Courses

Chemical Dependency
There are problems occurring in the U.S. caused by a drug-oriented, addicted, and chemical dependent society. This course will offer an overview of the history, pharmacology, and societal and economic effects of the most-used and pervasive mind-altering drugs occurring in our communities.
Date/Time: February 11 & 25; 3:30-5:00 pm
Location: Hamilton Public Library
Facilitator: Lucretia R. Buccolo

March Courses

Online Learning From MOOCs to HOW TO Videos
There are a variety of ways to further one’s education. Some online learning venues offer self-paced ways to further your education. These are not only limited to the traditional academic subjects but also include useful how-to and do-it-yourself courses. Never stop learning!
Date/Time: March 2 & 5; 4:30-6:00 pm
Location: Hamilton Public Library
Facilitator: Ahmad Khazaee

U.S. Immigration: Challenges for Policy Reform
 “Debates about immigration continue throughout the United States. What are the key issues and what are the prospects for effective policy reform?”  This course will review the current structure of U.S. immigration policy and will outline the characteristics of the implementation of immigration policy and also the characteristics of immigration to the U.S. and differences among categories of migrants. The class will consider different proposals for reforming policy in light of evidence concerning processes of immigration and the impacts of immigration on the country. Outside reading will be supplemental. It is hoped that participants will benefit primarily from class presentation and discussion.
Date/Time: March 9, 23, 30; 4:00-5:00 pm
Location: Colgate Bookstore
Facilitator: Ellen Percy Kraly

Demystifying Twitter
Why on earth do the people on the nightly news have things like @TomBrokaw next to their name? What is Twitter? Why are people using Twitter? How can I use Twitter? Should I use Twitter? Participants will create a username and password at If you have a fancy smartphone, download the Twitter app from the app store on your iPhone or from Google Play.
Date/Time: March 10; 12:00-1:00 pm
Location: Hamilton Public Library
Facilitator: Matt Hames (avid twitterer)

Doing Things the Right Way: Academics and Division I Athletics at Colgate
While several recent incidents of academic impropriety at major college athletics programs have stimulated renewed conversations about the relationship between the academic function of universities and Division I college sports, many colleges and universities are able to balance academics and athletics in a way that benefits their students, institutions, and communities. This discussion will explore the relationship between Division I athletics and academics, focusing on the integration of the two at Colgate.

Supplemental readings:

Colgate Athletics Department Mission Statement:

Most recent Colgate Graduation Success Rate and link to national rates:

Recent national academic/athletic news: https://www/
Date/Time: March 12; 3:30-5:00 pm
Location: Hamilton Public Library
Facilitators: Vicky Chun and Ken Belanger

Words of Religious Truth—The Dhammapada
We will consider the discernment of Religious Truth as becoming manifest in a religious tradition other than one’s own. The course will focus on one of the world’s great religious texts, cherished for centuries by men and women who have participate in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition. No writing, but reading will be integral; the one text will be The Dhammapada translated by John Carter and Mahinda Palihawadana, Oxford World’s Classics, 2000.
Date/Time: March 19, 24, 26; 3:30-5:00 pm
Location: Hamilton Public Library
Facilitator: John Ross Carter

April Courses

Disruptive Ideas in Western Thought
While we sometimes see Western thought developing in a coherent progression it can be seen in a different light – as a sequence of disruptive ideas breaking into the sequence and causing new foci for understanding the World. This course will look at the nature of these “disruptive” ideas and ask if our present “advances” in thinking constitute a new way of understanding and seeing the World.
Date/Time: April 6, 13, 20; 3:00-4:30 pm
Location: Hamilton Public Library
Facilitator: John S. Morris

The Hidden Treasures of Korean Art and Modern Korea
Once known as the Land of the Morning Calm, Korea now possesses the 10th to 12th largest economy in the world and is becoming more and more important in the world's economy, culture, and politics.  Two short documentary films introduce Korea, showing its past achievements and also highlighting several industries that Korea now leads in today's globalized economy. After the screening there will be a reenactment of a Korean traditional wedding ceremony and a Korean meal will be served.
Date/Time: April 11, 12:00-2:00 pm
Location: Masonic Lodge, Wes Road, off Route 12B just north of Hamilton on the left
Facilitator: Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project
Reservations will be required two weeks in advance.

Music of Birds
This spring the air will once again be filled with an ensemble of ancient bird songs. Why do they sing and how do they actually produce their musical melodies? This course will address these and other questions. The Music of Birds will awaken your appreciation of bird song and help you learn the tunes of a few of our most common songsters.
Date/Time: April 30; 6:00-7:30 pm
Location: Hamilton Public Library
Facilitator: John Pumilio

May Courses

Introduction to the Basics of Water Exercise and the Aquatic Environment
Learn simple techniques that benefit endurance, flexibility and range of motion while working in the shallow water. We will focus on improvement of balance and strength while enjoying the health benefits of water workouts.   Additional Cost: $20
Date/Time: May 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14: 10:00-11:00 am
Location: Lineberry Natatorium (Colgate Pool)
Facilitator: April Cady

Alexander Technique II: Because it Works!
The Alexander Technique is a discipline that recognizes a new relationship between thought and movement. F.M. Alexander developed his technique in the 1920s and had, as his devotees, many of the intelligentsia of the day: John Dewey, Aldous Huxley, George Bernard Shaw, to name a few. Aldous Huxley saw the technique as opening a door of perception developing a never-had-before awareness of personal habits of movement. It is a totally non-invasive, non-drug way to ease pain in your body, and to improve your movement, performance and appearance.
Date/Time: May 7, 14, 21, 28; 4:00-5:30 pm
Location: St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, 12 Madison St, Hamilton NY
Facilitator: Victoria Quesada

All are welcome. Bring a friend.

Lifelong Learning members free. Non members: $5.00

Or, send an e-mail to with the subject line Spring 2015 Course Registration

Partner Events

The following events are hosted by other organizations but may be of interest to our members. Please note that these may have a separate registration and/or attendance fee! Please contact the host organization for more information.

Indie Films at Hamilton Theater
A film series offered Sunday through Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the Hamilton Theater. Lifelong Learning Program members receive discounted admission to these films -- only $5.50 per ticket.

Hamilton Book and Movie Club
The Colgate Bookstore and the Hamilton Theater partner to offer this club, which provides three evenings of entertainment. This includes a private film screening of a film adapted from that month's book selection, followed by a light dinner and lively discussion at the bookstore. For more information, a list of featured selections, screening dates, and to join contact Heather Elia, 315-228-6944,

Education Unlimited
Education Unlimited is a continuing education organization based in Hamilton, NY, which offers short courses in an unlimited range of subjects to an unlimited clientele. READ MORE

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate in the Lifelong Learning Program?
  • The Lifelong Learning program gives members access to an unlimited number of programs, seminars, and special events.
  • Lifelong Learning programs have been called a "health club for the brain." Membership in an LLP develops insight, stimulates curiosity, and satisfies the intellect.
  • The LLP provides an opportunity for social interaction and intellectual gain in a group atmosphere.
  • The LLP allows members to develop new ideas and gain a better understanding of the community, the world, and oneself!
  • All LLP members receive a 20% discount at the Colgate Bookstore any day of the week on most items.
  • All LLP members have borrowing privileges at the Case-Geyer Library at Colgate.
  • All LLP members receive discounted admission to the Indie Film Series at the Hamilton Theater.

Who can join?
The Lifelong Learning program is open to any adult who is interested in continuing to learn and spend time with like-minded individuals.
What is required to join?
  • To attend courses, members must enroll.
  • Individual annual membership of $40 — allows one to attend all events offered through the program. Family memberships are obtainable for $70. Scholarships are available!

Who runs the program?
The Lifelong Learning program is sponsored by the Upstate Institute at Colgate University.

A board of directors of community members and Upstate Institute staff have developed and guided the Lifelong Learning program. Future planning will involve the membership functioning through a committee structure.

You can contact us at with any questions.
What opportunities does the program offer?
The program includes peer-taught and faculty-led courses as well as special events, lectures, and discussion groups.

A list of the courses being offered each semester is published above, as well as in the Lifelong Learning Program newsletter.