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Lampert Institute for Civic and Global Affairs

The Lampert Institute provides a forum for study and debate in the areas of civic affairs and public leadership, applying insights from the liberal arts to the important challenges facing human beings around the world.
Srikar Gullapalli reviewing a computer monitor with Professor Michael Johnston.

Summer 2014 Lampert Fellowship Applications

The application period for the Lampert Fellowships in Public Affairs (summer 2014) is now open.


About the Institute

Formerly the Institute for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), each year the Lampert Institute focuses on a particular theme with special urgency in the public realm, looking at both the domestic and global contexts. This dual focus highlights the institute’s emphasis on the importance of civic engagement not only in our own political communities, but also within the increasingly globalized world that we inhabit.

The institute’s main activities involve bringing theorists and practitioners to campus, promoting faculty research, and supporting students who seek to engage in substantial independent study under faculty guidance. READ MORE

2013-14: Health and Healthcare

During the 2013-14 academic year, the Lampert Institute will offer a range of programming around the theme “Health and Healthcare.” Some of the institute’s events will explore the very idea of health, a multiply complex notion. Not only are there a range of axes on which we can track health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual etc.), but individuals and communities as well have diverse conceptions of human well-being and proper functioning. How far, then, should we see health as a strictly biological concept, immune to personal or cultural variation?

The institute will also explore the major threats to health, and different ways of combating them. Alongside such controversies, there remains profound disagreement over the proper provision and distribution of healthcare, both within any state and in the global context. Here the debates involve such issues as the possibility of a human right to health care, the costs of guaranteeing such a right, the challenges of doing so in a way that respects competing visions of how humans should live, and the role that the free market should play in such transactions.

Information for Students

Lampert Summer FellowshipsAPPLY
Lampert summer fellowships are awarded to 6–8 students allowing them to design research projects under the mentorship of a Colgate faculty member which they will then undertake in the relevant domestic or international locale(s). Faculty mentors will provide guidance during the students’ off-campus research period, using a range of communication technologies, and will then mentor the students, once they are back on campus, in disseminating the research through public presentations and/or publications.


Each year the institute designates a select group of students as Lampert Associates who commit to being closely involved in the institute’s activities over the academic year. That involvement centers around attending talks and events, meeting with speakers for informal discussion and meals, and reading published work in conjunction with speakers’ visits. Students who wish to be considered as Associates should contact David McCabe, the Institute’s director, at

Information for Faculty

The institute supports faculty research and development in areas related either to the institute’s annual theme or broader work involving civic engagement and public policy. The forms of support are various, and include funding reading groups and sponsoring conferences. Faculty who seek such support should contact David McCabe, the Institute’s director, at