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Personal Training and Small Group Training

Whether you are just starting an exercise program, or you're looking for some ways to expand your current training routine, an affordable certified personal trainer can help you meet your fitness goals!
You can receive highly personalized instruction with personal or small group training.

Personal Training

Your personal trainer will develop an individualized program specific to your current fitness level, physical limitations, and desired outcomes. Your trainer will provide you with personal instruction and attention to keep you motivated and on the right track to being physically well!
Smart Start Fitness Package
One fitness assessment and one personal training session is a smart start! Combine two great offerings and get the information needed to plan a quality workout.
    1 Fitness Assessment (30 mins) + 1 Personal Training Session (60 mins) = $60
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Individual Training
Get one-on-one individualized attention and instruction with a 60-minute training session designed for you and your body!
  • 1 Session - $40.00
  • 2 Sessions - $79.00
  • 4 Sessions - $156.00
  • 8 Sessions - $308.00
  • 12 Sessions - $456.00
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Express Training
Recommended for experienced exercisers looking for a 30-minute workout with a trainer.
  • 4 Sessions - $96.00
  • 8 Sessions - $188.00
  • 12 Sessions - $270.00
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Partner Training
Two people, one trainer. Get personalized attention at a lower cost, and stay motivated by exercising with a friend!
  • 4 Sessions - $120.00 per person
  • 8 Sessions - $232.00 per person
  • 12 Sessions - $336.00 per person
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Small Group Training

Small Group training is an even more affordable option for receiving a great workout, professional and personalized attention, and the motivation of exercising with friends. You and up to 10 others will participate in a weekly training program working to reach a common fitness goal!

Free fitness classes and workshops!
While small group training provides more personalized fitness instruction, our 'Gate Fitness program offers free fitness and wellness opportunities for Trudy members. LEARN MORE