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Student Employment in Recreation

For each intramural sport, including football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and softball, as many as 10 students are hired and paid to officiate the friendly competitions.

Intramural Officiating   

  1. Register on IMLeagues.
  2. Sign up for sports.
  3. Attend meetings as posted
The pay rate is $10.00 per game, and the commitment is 2-4 games per week during the season. Officials must also attend the relevant meeting as listed in the table below. These meetings are paid, and pizza will be served. 

Fall Sports Spring Sports
Football Volleyball
Dodgeball Indoor Soccer


First Responder Staff

Pay rate: EMT, WFR - Grade 4 
First Aid Certification - Grade 3
Based on certifications and experience

New students are welcome to join our first responder staff. This group provides first aid coverage for a variety of intramural and club sports. Advanced first aid certification is required.

University Trap Range

Pay rate: Grade 4

These positions are for students who have experience in trap shooting and who have a working familiarity with the safe handling of firearms. Students will work with the nightly PE classes and during Sunday open shooting periods during September and October.