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Clubs Sports Forms and Documentation

As an officer of your club sports team, you are responsible for submitting the necessary forms and documentation to the recreational sports office.
Club Officers Meeting: August 2014 (TBA) in the Huntington Wooster Room (Room 111). Mandatory that all Club Sports have a representative present.

Director of Recreation

Christina (Amato) Turner

Contact for: Club Recognition and Startup, Funding and Purchasing needs

Rec Sports Office

Julie Vair
Phone: 315-228-7613
102 Huntington Gym
Mon – Fri, 10 – 6 p.m.

Contact for General Club Business, Facility Reservations and Travel Needs

Resources for Officers

Learn the processes and procedures for running a club.
To streamline communications Club Leaders will need to maintain information within Google Drive and Colgate's Get Involved website, in addition to the individual paperwork.

Club Documentation In Google Drive Folder – Each club has a folder containing some documents that you will update throughout the year. You are encouraged to add your own club specific information such as Spreadsheets for collecting dues and other funds from members. You may also share this folder with the other leaders in your club – especially as you transition to new leaders.

  • Game\ Semester Summary Report: Details about how you are doing.
    Due after weekend games and each semester by November 30 and April 15.
  • PE attendance record: Students can earn PE credit for participating in club sports. You must record participation weekly for members seeking credit. Please read the instructions carefully, and see more information about the PE requirement. This is a graduation requirement and bound by the student honor code. Due Each Semester on November 30 and April 15.

Gain Recognition for Your Club Sport

Required annually for all Club Sports to be recognized by, and receive funding from the university:

Required Player Forms

Print and submit signed copies to the Rec Sports Office at the start of each season and as new players join.

Physical History Forms

Required only for Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, and Rugby Club players.

Financial Forms

  • Deposit Form: Submit with all funds for deposit to the Rec Sports office.
  • Purchase Request Form: All purchases must be pre-approved.
  • Reimbursement Form: provide with receipts within 10 Days of purchase.
  • Officials Payment: Return promptly to Rec Sports office. Use a W-9 Form for Adult officials use the CU student Wage Vouchers for students officials (available in Rec Sports Office or the Huntington Equipment Room.)
  • Cash Advances: E-mail 5 days prior to Use Store receipts or these forms to account for your advance:
  • Cash Distribution Form:  When distributing cash to members for gas or food.
  • Cash Receipts:  Print these to take to games for entry or Ref fees.

Facility Use

Make all facility use request by e-mail for practice and games through Julie Vair ( Schedules may be viewed on the campus EMS system. Teams should be familiar with facility use guidelines.

Game and Travel Forms

Plan ahead!

First Responders

For home games, e-mail Recreational Sports with games specifics at least 1 week prior to contest.
  • Injury Report: Submit after any club injuries during practice of at games. Let us know ASAP. Printable Forms and Google Doc are both available.