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Distinctive Career Programs

Learn from Colgate’s very own professional network.
Many of our signature programs focus around creating opportunities for interactions between Colgate students and our alumni and parents. Collaboration with working professionals allows students to develop and grow their networks while learning about different industries and organizations. Meanwhile, the shared Colgate connection becomes an easy foundation on which to build relationships.

Immersion Trips

Immersion trips take students to explore the real world through employer site visits and networking events. Immersion programs introduce students to career options, exhibit cultural differences amongst organizations, and create connections between students and high-level professionals in their fields of interest. Immersion Trips

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life is a day-long job shadowing experience that provides first- and second-year Colgate students with an introduction to careers and professional settings, and grows their comfort with networking. A Day in the Life

SophoMORE Connections

SophoMORE Connections is a two-day immersive program tailored specifically for sophomores. Through panels, discussions and networking events lead by over 125 alumni, Career Services professionals and faculty, students will explore professional options, academic majors, and off-campus study. SophoMORE Connections

Real World Series

Real World Series offers year-long programming for seniors facilitating discussions about life-after-Colgate skills. Real World Series

Wolk Conference on Medical Education

This bi-annual Wolk Conference on Medical Education features panels and networking opportunities between students and alumni from various health professions.