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Proven Success

During the 2012-2013 academic year, the Center for Career Services…


  • Held 2190 student and alumni appointments
  • Had 5848 advising contacts
  • Led on-campus workshops and programs for 4303 students
  • Saw 90.9% of the senior class, 71.1% of juniors, 72.3% of sophomores, and 77.1% of the first-year class
  • Met with 2274 unique clients (79.6% of all enrolled students)


  • Offered 98 grants to fund well over $400,000 toward summer internship, research, and fellowship opportunities (a 131% monetary increase from 2012)
  • Coordinated 508 sponsors and 307 student participants for our Day in the Life program (a 135% increase of alumni hosts and 229% raise in student participation from 2012)
  • Hosted 340 students and 110 alumni, parents, faculty, and staff for SophoMORE Connections
  • Saw 93% of Colgate law school applicants accepted in 2011-12 cycle, with 100% acceptance rate for senior applicants (compared with a national rate of 74.6%)
  • Boasted a 75% acceptance rate for medical school applicants, in comparison to 69% in 2012 - the national acceptance was 43%

Employer Relations

  • Connected with 55 Colgate employer partners
  • Arranged 233 on-campus interviews
  • Posted 2993 job and internship positions to our naviGATE database


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Success After Colgate

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