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Jim P. Manzi ’73 Fellowship

The Manzi Fellowship Program is a paid summer internship program that allows you to work in non-profit organizations in the Boston area.

About the Fellowship

Established in 1995 by Jim Manzi ’73, students are selected on a competitive basis. Significant criteria for selection are a demonstrated commitment to community service and the potential to pursue such work after college.

Those awarded a fellowship receive a stipend of $4,200 and are assigned to a project or agency, working 40 hours per week for 10 weeks.  

The 2014 deadline has passed, and we are no longer accepting applications.

Fellowship Objectives

  • To offer quality, in-depth, paid service-based internship opportunities with Colgate-approved organizations in the greater Boston area for students completing their first, sophomore, or junior years; this is an area of great interest to Colgate students, but one in which paid positions are increasingly rare.
  • For students to develop expertise and hands-on involvement in activities fundamental to a well-run not-for-profit organization, such as administrative work, projects, direct service to individuals or groups, fundraising, research, public relations.
  • To foster a good match between a fellowship opportunity and a Colgate student who has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to community service.
  • To increase Colgate’s internship offerings for students interested in community-based health, mental health, human rights, cultural and historical education, homelessness, and at-risk-children.

Jim P. Manzi ’73 Fellowship Requirements

  • Attendance at on-campus orientation sessions (if abroad, orientation sessions can be completed via Skype)
  • Participate in a group dinner meeting with Mr. Manzi
  • Conduct two informational interviews; submit summaries of these interviews
  • Submit a final supervisor’s report
  • Submit a final report (200 words that describe your internship experience; this will be posted on the Manzi Fellowship webpage).
  • Write a formal thank you note
  • Participate in the Summer Expo, sponsored by Career Services, upon your return to campus.

Hours / Work Schedule

The internship will run for 10 weeks. No vacations, absences, delayed start dates or early departures are permitted, except where sanctioned by Colgate University, with the assent of the sponsoring organization, in exceptional circumstances.

Fellows are expected to work for a total of 40 hours per week, Monday - Friday.

In the case of internships that have a shorter workday, you are responsible for calculating the hours necessary to reach a 40-hour work week, and, with your supervisor, for arranging additional work to cover this gap. This must be arranged prior to commencing the internship and communicated to the Manzi Fellowship Coordinator. The nature of the additional work could be:
  • A research project related to the work of the organization
  • Support work for special projects such as fundraising, event planning

Maximizing Your Internship (Suggested, Not Required)

  • Review and then draft in your own words the mission and goals of the organization.
  • Perform a literature review (eight sources) prior to the start of your internship. Resources will include your internship supervisor and Colgate professors as well as your own research. Your literature review may include:
    1. Narrative work
    2. Scholarly work
    3. Copies of current local, state and/or national legislation and reports affecting the organization’s work
    4. Documentary film or radio programs
    5. Newspaper and journal articles
  • Coordinate and lead a discussion session with the other Manzi Fellows. A possible format could be summarizing your background research, the organization’s history and mission, your specific work, and thoughts about a possible career in the field.
  • Maintain a daily journal of experiences.
  • Obtain (with permission) any work product you helped to generate, for your portfolio. This could include reports, surveys, photographs, videos, and press releases.