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Colgate Premier Recruiting Program

Our Colgate Premier program can help you connect directly with a wide range of potential employers specifically interested in hiring Colgate students for internships and jobs.
Colgate Premier is one of many ways to connect with prospective employers who are motivated to hire Colgate students. The program includes information sessions, job fairs, and -- for those who have gained eligibility -- an opportunity to interview on-campus or via phone for your first round.

While a great resource, do not rely solely on Colgate Premier to solidify an offer. Visit the Job and Internship Search Process page for additional tips to conduct a successful search.

Colgate Premier Specifics

What does participating in Colgate Premier entail and why should you become eligible?

All students can:
  • Attend employer information sessions.
  • View all opportunities posted on naviGATE, our internship and job database.
However, as a certified member of Colgate Premier, you gain full access to:
  • Apply to any Colgate Premier opportunities and interview on campus or through their first-round phone screenings.
  • Off-Campus Recruiting Programs and Job Fairs (Recruiting Consortia).
  • Apply to Summer Funding.


To become certified for Colgate Premier:
  1. Log on to naviGATE and update your profile, including agreeing to Career Services' Student Code of Conduct items.
  2. Have your resume certified by an advisor. This review process must be done each academic year except for seniors who were certified during their junior year.
Not sure if your resume is certified? Contact Us to check on your eligibility status.

Reneging on Job Offers

During this time of year you may be faced with difficult decisions regarding job offers. In fact, you may have heard the word renege in career related conversations. Career Services is here to guide you through the entire job search process, including helping you negotiate all facets of job offers. With this in mind, we would like to offer insight regarding the topic of reneging a job offer and its implications.
The definition of renege

To go back on one's word. He has reneged on his promise.

When you accept a job offer, you have made a promise to your future employer. This means you should not be actively applying to other jobs and interviewing with other companies if you have already accepted a job offer.

Implications of reneging an offer

The adage It’s a small world is true, particularly when it comes to industry hiring and referrals. You do not want to burn a bridge with this employer or their recruiter.

If you utilized your personal network to access this company, you may not only tarnish your reputation with the employer but will damage your relationship with your network partners (i.e. Colgate alumni, faculty, family, friends) who may not feel comfortable referring you to another contact once learning that you reneged an offer from a colleague. 

In school you can register for a class and then drop it if you have a schedule conflict or get into a class that is a better fit for you. The same does not apply to job offers! Once you’ve accepted a position, you’ve given your word that you will join their team under the conditions specified.

Avoid reneging an offer

Think carefully about your job search and each offer. Is this the right job for you? If you are not satisfied with the job or components of the offer, avoid pressure to accept the position because it is your only offer. Desperation can cloud your decision making.

Colgate Career Services recruiting policy

A friendly reminder for those who have applied to jobs and/or internships through Career Services (naviGATE, OCI, iCAN and consortium events). When you agreed to the Code of Conduct: Professional Career Search Ethics, you accepted the following:

- Without exception, I agree to withdraw from all other searches upon acceptance of an offer and discontinue interviewing. I will notify Career Services of my acceptance. I realize that Career Services can assist me in negotiating with employers if additional time is needed to consider an offer.

Career Services is here to support you and your career initiatives. Please call or stop by the office if you need any help!