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Colgate Premier

Our Colgate Premier program can help you connect directly with a wide range of potential employers specifically interested in hiring Colgate students for internships and jobs.
Colgate Premier is one of many ways to connect with prospective employers who are motivated to hire Colgate students. The program includes information sessions, job fairs, and -- for those who have gained eligibility -- an opportunity to interview on-campus or via phone for your first round.

While a great resource, do not rely solely on Colgate Premier to solidify an offer. Visit the Job and Internship Search Process page for additional tips to conduct a successful search.

Colgate Premier Specifics

What does participating in Colgate Premier entail and why should you become eligible?

All students can:
  • Attend employer information sessions.
  • View all opportunities posted on naviGATE, our internship and job database.
However, as a certified member of Colgate Premier, you gain full access to:
  • Apply to any Colgate Premier opportunities and interview on campus or through their first-round phone screenings.
  • Off-Campus Recruiting Programs and Job Fairs (Recruiting Consortia).
  • Apply to Summer Funding.


To become certified for Colgate Premier:
  1. Log on to naviGATE and update your profile, including agreeing to Career Services' Student Code of Conduct items.
  2. Have your resume certified by an advisor. This review process must be done each academic year except for seniors who were certified during their junior year.
Not sure if your resume is certified? Contact Us to check on your eligibility status.