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Do you enjoy seeing the production of written text from the beginning stages to the end? Do you value the creativity in designing and selling publications? Are you detail-oriented? If so, then a career in publishing may be for you.
Luke Parauda ’15 balancing the Guiness Book of World Records book on his head.

Colgate Professional Network

The Marketing, Media and Communications Network is designed to bring together students and alumni with a shared interest and experience in the communications field.

This network is for anyone interested or working on the creation and delivery of messages, information, and images to a wide variety of audiences via print, electronic, and broadcast.

Publishing Advisor

Headshot of Vera Chapman
Read about Vera
Vera first began her career at Colgate University in 2013 as the Associate Director of Career Development and recently transitioned into the role of Career Advisor for Creative Communications and the Arts to allow more time spent directly with students.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, a study abroad experience at Clemson University led her to the University of Mississippi, where she pursued advanced degrees in counseling and higher education. After becoming a licensed professional counselor in Mississippi, Vera served as a career planning specialist and adjunct professor at the same institution. Vera is passionate about empowering others to become the most extraordinary version of themselves— something she accomplishes through blogging and other creative ventures. Vera is joined in Hamilton by her husband, David Chapman, who currently serves as the head coach of the Colgate rugby football club, and their two young children, Grayson and Ivey.


Call 315-228-7380 for an advising appointment.


Titles and positions vary based upon the type of publication, from newspapers to books to magazines.
Entry-level roles
Editorial Assistant
Editorial assistants provide support at all stages of the publication process for books, journals, magazines, websites, and online newsletters. If you have strong written and verbal communication skills, this job could be ideal for you.

Associate Editor
Associate editors support senior team members or groups of editors. Occasionally, associate editors write print articles or file broadcast pieces; however, associate editors are primarily responsible for fact-checking information and proofreading pending publications before they are printed.

Copy Editor
Copy editors improve formatting, style, and accuracy of text for publication. Copy editors do not typically focus on the text’s actual content.

Researchers are similar to fact-checkers, in that they research information for pending publications to determine factual accuracy.

Reporters in the publishing field typically conduct interviews for newspapers, magazines, journals, and other print publications. They are engaged in the direct gathering and communication of information strictly limited to the facts.

Assistant Photo Editor
Assistant photo editors provide support to photo editors for duties such as selecting, editing, positioning, and publishing photos to accompany the text of a publication. Photo editors and assistants work for print and online publications (books, newspapers, magazines, journals, and websites).

Production Assistant
Production assistants help production editors in the copy-editing stages of print publications. They proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, oversee the publication’s layout and formatting, and assist in completing the publication’s physical construction. This role also comes with numerous administrative tasks.
Experienced roles
Senior Editor
Senior editors are upper-level executives who oversee lower-level editorial positions, including writers, proofreaders, copy editors, and junior editors. Some senior editors work directly with the publishers to make editorial decisions for print and web publications.

Managing Editor
Managing editors report directly to editors-in-chief and oversee all aspects of print and web publications. Managing editors oversee and coordinate the editorial activities of a publication.

Editorial Director
Editorial directors work with senior executives and leadership to plan the primary vision that encompasses all of the company’s publications. Editorial directors may oversee several print publications and websites at once while establishing cohesiveness among disparate publication outlets.

Editors-in-chief serve as the primary leader for all print and media publications. They have the final say in terms of what gets printed/published, and they assume ultimate responsibility for all operations and policies.
Resources for further exploration
  • Spotlight on Careers (for username and password, please contact Career Services)
  • Vault: Log in or create an account (you will need to create an account using your Colgate e-mail address to view this content) and then find “Book Publishing” or “Newspapers and Magazines” through the search box or in Career Paths – There are links to pages for many specific professions at the bottom of these pages.

Prepare for Jobs and Internships

Information, tips, and strategies to help prepare you as an undergraduate.
Résumé advice
Résumé Advice from Spotlight on Careers (for username and password, please contact Career Services)
Interview advice
Interview Advice from Spotlight on Careers (for username and password, please contact Career Services)
Helpful skills
  • Strong writing skills: Anyone in publishing will have to be able to write clearly and effectively.
  • Imagination: Self-starters who bring their own ideas and suggestions are valued.
  • Curiosity: Experience and interest in a wide variety of subject areas can be valuable in the field of publishing.
  • Energy and stamina: Publishing is not a 9 to 5 job. Staying late, working on weekends, and taking work home are common in this deadline-driven industry.
  • Telephone manners: A great deal of time will be spent on the phone and it will be beneficial to have a persuasive telephone style.
  • Detail-oriented
  • Creativity
  • Organizational Skills
Be familiar with these terms and use them in application materials and networking conversations:
Industry news and trends
Knowledge of industry news can give you a sense of the culture and make you a better interview candidate.
Professional associations
These organizations can be great places to make connections, learn more about the field and search openings. Many have discounted student memberships.
A Sampling of relevant Colgate activities
A Sampling of relevant Colgate coursework
  • SOCI 222, Media and Modern Society
  • SOCI 375, Media and Politics
  • ANTH 374, Anthropology of Media

Alumni Advice

Headshot of Bridget Wagner Matzie '01
Current Title and Organization:
Literary Agent, Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Agency

Major at Colgate:
Q&A with Bridget
  • What do you currently do? I represent mostly nonfiction book authors.  I help develop the project at the idea stage and create a book proposal - and then I submit the project to potential editors at major publishing houses, negotiate the deal for the author, and advocate for that author for the life of his/her book.

  • What was your first position out of Colgate and what did you do in that role?
    Foreign rights assistant at International Creative Management (ICM).  I helped the foreign rights team sell translation rights for book projects (the right to translate and publish a book in another country).
  • How can students prepare themselves while at Colgate to work in your field?
    Major in English/writing and intern as a reader at a major agency or publishing house.  Working on the school newspaper or at other publications is also great.
  • What extracurricular activities, associated with your profession or not, were you involved with while at Colgate?
    Wrote for the Colgate Scene. Varsity swimming. 

Find Opportunities

Recruiting timeline
The hiring cycle for publishing takes place March through June.
Companies with significant alumni representation
Job and internship search sites

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