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Richard Serra

September 18, 2014–January 10, 2015
Richard Serra’s Venice Notebook etchings, lent through the generosity of trustee emeritus Paul J. Schupf ’58, highlights the artist’s virtuosic work outside of the realm of monumental sculpture, the medium for which he is typically known. This series of 20 intimately sized prints by Serra originated after he revisited and made sketches of his sculptures installed at the 2001 Venice Biennale. The drawings of the sculptures Serra made in his notebook informed these textural--even sculptural--etchings that he executed with master printmakers from Gemini G.E.L. (Graphic Editions Limited). Accompanied by three additional prints by Serra from Schupf’s collection, the exhibition reveals the skillful and innovative use of printmaking by the artist to rejuvenate and perpetuate his artistic invention. An illustrated catalogue, featuring an interview with collector Paul J. Schupf and Xavier Fumat, the master printmaker who collaborated with Serra on the works featured in the exhibition, accompanies the show.