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Anne Huntington '07 | Paul Jacobs '67 | Oscar Seikaly '83 | Rick Stone '81
Kehinde Wiley, Alston Sajery. © 2010 Kehinde Wiley. Used by permission.

Kehinde Wiley, Alston Sajery, 2010, oil on canvas. 
Private collection of Oscar ʼ83 and Carole Seikaly, Miami, FL. © 2010 Kehinde Wiley.
 Used by permission.

Colgate Alumni Collect features diverse art works from the collections of four alumni—Anne Huntington ʼ07, Paul Jacobs ʼ67, Oscar Seikaly ʼ83, and Rick Stone ʼ81—who have acquired art from all corners of the globe throughout their lives. With objects ranging in origin from Lebanon and the United States to Tanzania and the United Kingdom, this exhibition focuses on collecting trends and investigates how the practice of collecting can serve as a form of personal expression. Selected works from the Picker Art Gallery’s permanent collection generously given by alumni will also be on view.  

Colgate Alumni Collect is curated by Natalie Bryt ʼ17, Kally Mott ʼ17, Natalie Ramirez ʼ19, and Julia Wolf ʼ17. The exhibition and its accompanying catalogue are generously sponsored by Rick ’81 and Lesley Stone and Family and also partially funded by the Friends of the Picker Art Gallery.