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Cost of Attendance for 2019-20

Billed Charges

Tuition: $57,695
Room: $7,020 (based on traditional residence hall)
Meals: $7,520 (based on Premier Gold meal plan)
Student Activity Fee: $350

Total Billed Charges: $72,585

Non-Billed Costs

Books and Supplies: $1,040
Domestic Travel: $300+ (depending on state of residence)
Personal: $1,025
Average Loan Fees: $50

Total Estimated Non-billed Costs: $2,415
(Non-billed costs will vary based on personal choices.)

Total Cost of Attendance

$75,000 (does not include additional student charges noted below, as those do not apply to all students)

Additional Student Charges

One-Time Transcript Fee: TBD; was $50 for 2018-19 (charged only in the first semester of attendance)
Student Health Insurance: TBD; was $1,781 for 2018-19 (charged only for students not covered through family)