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Project Grants

Students in the Alumni Memorial Scholars program may be awarded grants to pursue academic projects and experiences by submitting qualified project proposals. Learn more about the process here.

Who Can Apply?

AMS students — who are named during the college admission process — of any class year may apply. Final reports, including project findings and presentations, must be completed within six months of project completion.

Students may receive more than one AMS grant during their time at Colgate, but combined proposals may not exceed $6,000. Proposals may be submitted for independent research, academic programs, conference attendance, faculty-led research and internships. 


AMS Proposal Workshops are held each semester. Dates will be announced via community correspondence.

Do you want to learn more about research methods in the social sciences? Check out these videos from Professor Henke's AMS Social Science Research Methods Bootcamp.

Criteria for Successful Proposals

Grant proposals will be judged on originality, clarity, comprehensiveness, and strength of purpose. All proposals should clearly articulate how the funding will be used to augment a particular academic goal.

AMS has assembled some tips on planning your proposal and a proposal guide. Keep in mind that all research involving human participants must be approved through Colgate’s Institutional Review Board.

Proposals may be submitted for any of the following experiences, but all proposals must clearly further academic goals:
  • initiating independent studies or research in an area of particular interest, including research-related or academically meaningful internships or experiences;
  • extending academic work in any one of a number of ways outside the formal curriculum and programs of the college;
  • supporting attendance at a relevant academic conference;
  • supporting living expenses while researching off-campus;
  • or, supporting travel and research costs for independent projects while away on a study group.

Funding Restrictions

Normally, funding may not be used:
  • to cover costs that would be funded through the regular channels of Colgate financial aid or programmatic funding;
  • for coursework at another institution, university, or academic program;
  • to support projects that directly receive Colgate credit (for example, the funds cannot be used for regular expenses incurred by students participating in a Colgate study group.)