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Extended Study

A number of courses each semester allow you to extend your learning beyond the classroom and beyond the semester with short-term off-campus study experiences with your professor and classmates.

Extended Study Courses:

Spring 2015:

  • Greece - CLAS 251 and CLAS 251E:  The Individual Identity and the Material Culture of the Ancient Greek City
  • South Africa -- ALST 380: Movements for Social Justice in South Africa
  • Uganda -- ENST 333: Environment, Health and Community
  • Western Australia: GEOG/PCON 327: The Stolen Generations: The Legacies of Carrolup
The deadline to apply for spring 2015 extended studies has passed.

Fall 2015:

 Chile: GEOL 420: Solid Earth Processes
 Florida Keys: BIOL 341E: Cognition, Behavior and Conservation of Marine
 Morocco: MIST 253: Aspects of Contemporary Arab Societies: Morocco

Deadline to apply: April 1, 2015.

Spring 2016:

New York City: POSC 353: National Security
Rome and Pompeii: CLAS 250: Private and Public Life and the Material Culture of Rome and Vesuvius
Uganda: ENST 333: Environment, Health and Community in Rural Uganda

Deadline to apply: October 15, 2015

How Extended Study Works

Extended Study courses take place off campus at the end of each semester (May-June or December-January) and are offered as either a one-credit extended course with a reduced schedule during the semester, or as a half-credit course off campus linked to a common pre-requisite taken on campus during the semester.

Application to an Extended Study is made on line. Upon acceptance, you will enroll in and attend class for the full semester, just as you would for any other class.  At the conclusion of the semester, you, your classmates, and the faculty member teaching the course will travel together to continue your studies on location for 3-5 weeks.

Seniors may not normally participate in extended study courses extending beyond the end of the spring semester, since all requirements for graduation must be satisfied prior to commencement.


Application: Students should consult with the faculty director regarding course registration and approval to participate in an extended study course.

Cost: An additional fee is charged for the travel component of an extended study course.  Cost estimates for each extended study are available one semester prior to the program departure.

Financial Aid: Colgate grant recipients can receive additional assistance for one semester of study off-campus, whether through a Colgate Study Group or Approved Program,  and one Colgate-directed extended study program.  

Please note that financial aid is not available to seniors for extended study courses extending beyond the end of the spring semester.


Past Courses

The following extended study courses have been offered in the past and may be offered again in the future.
  • Ireland - The Invention of Ireland, Medieval and Modern
  • Israel - The Land of Israel 
  • Japan - Advent of the Atomic Bomb
  • Mexico - Archaeoastronomy (SOAN)
  • Mexico - Michoacan (CORE)
  • New Mexico - Pueblo Communities
  • New York City - National Security
  • Norway - Alternative Energy and Mitigation of Global Warming
  • Rome - Material Culture of Rome and Pompeii
  • Turkey - The Islamic Heritage of Turkey
  • Uganda - Environment, Health and Community: A Case Study in Rural Uganda