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Center for Women’s Studies

The Center for Women’s Studies is a multipurpose space where students, faculty, and staff can gather to discuss a multitude of topics spanning the feminist spectrum and consider the intersectionality of identities and various forms of oppression.
The Center for Women's Studies is located in East Hall.

About the Center

Located in East Hall, the Center for Women’s Studies serves as an academic and social space for the Colgate community (campus map).

Each Tuesday afternoon, we host brown bag lunches, bringing together the Colgate community with lectures and presentations on various gender issues. These brown bag lunches encourage discussion and action by community members involving these topics. Check out the campus calendar to keep track of our upcoming events.


Our facilities include a lounge, a classroom, a seminar room, offices, and a library with a wide array of print resources on women’s studies, gender, sexualities, women’s health, race, and feminist theory. READ MORE

Weekly Programming


Who Works Here?

The center is home to the offices of:
  • Meika Loe: director of Women’s Studies and associate professor of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Ken Valente: director of LGBTQ Studies and professor of Mathematics and University Studies
  • Mary Simonson: assistant professor of Film and Media Studies
  • Casey Sprock: lecturer in LGBTQ Studies
  • Che Hatter: program assistant
  • Letta Palmer: administrative assistant
Student interns:
  • Alexandria Davis '16, Multicultural and LGBTQ Affairs
  • Valerie Garcia '15, Women's Health
  • Renyelle Jimenez '14, Sexual and Gender-based Violence Awareness
  • Gloria Kebirungi '15, Information Technology and Resource
  • Stephanie Nabine '16, Women's Studies Monitor
  • Lindsey Skerker '14, Publications
  • Michelle Van Veen '14, Community Action and Alumni Affairs
In addition, Sisters of the Round Table (SORT), which is a student activist group that focuses on women of color, has an office located in the center.