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Women's Studies Program

WMST Faculty
Compelling instruction and field-leading research. Meet our women's studies faculty.
Academic Program in WMST
Our course offerings will challenge your knowledge and assumptions and engage your desire to learn.  READ MORE
Center for Women's Studies
A multipurpose learning and social space open to students, faculty, and staff interested in subjects on the feminist spectrum.  READ MORE
Concepts of gender are a universally foundational element of societies and cultures globally. We study the complexity of human lives as gender intersects with sexuality, race, class, ability, nationality, ethnicity, religion, and age in the constitution of experience and identities.

About Women's Studies

We offer the opportunity to pursue a major or a minor in women's studies.

Our hope is that the insights we uncover as we explore the issues above can move us beyond exclusionary theories and practices.

At its core, our Women's Studies Program is interdisciplinary, integrating knowledge from many disciplines. We pursue critical engagement with all forms of experience, applying a feminist perspective along the way.

By emphasizing interdisciplinary study, we seek to help you acquire the tools you need to analyze critically the societal, cultural, global, and personal issues that shape your life. We will challenge you to look at these issues from multiple perspectives. We also encourage you to reflect on the ways in which knowledge is produced within different and oftentimes unrecognized systems of oppression, and to critically examine categories that are presented as natural and permanent in their cultural and historical context.

Finally, the program strives to help its students acquire the skills of critical analysis and imagine alternatives that challenge the naturalizing of inequalities.

Success after Colgate

Colgate alumni who majored in women's studies are pursuing careers in a variety of fields. Check out what just a few of our alumni are up to now:

Program Contacts

Director: Meika Loe
Program Assistant: Allie Fry (
Administrative Assistant: Heidi Angueira (
Office: 107B East Hall
Phone: 315-228-7156 or 315-228-6868
Dept. Fax: 315-228-7507

Center for Women's Studies

The Center for Women's Studies is a multipurpose organization and space on campus that provides students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to formally and informally discuss and research topics along the feminist spectrum, and consider the intersectionality of identities and various forms of oppression.

The Center for Women's Studies is located in the basement of East Hall (campus map). Learn more about the Center for Women's Studies.

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