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Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Academic Program
Academic Program
Our academic offerings are designed to challenge and engage you and your drive to learn. READ MORE: Academic program in Psychology
Award-Winning Faculty
Award-Winning Faculty
Doug Johnson, a psychology faculty member, received Colgate's Balmuth teaching award in 2014. MORE ABOUT AWARD
Global Scholars
Global Scholars
Jessica Huang ’14 and Michael Manansala ’14 traveled to Japan to present their research on hand gestures in language learning at Kobe University. READ MORE about Huang and Manansala
Institutional Review Board
Institutional Review Board
Get more information concerning Colgate's policy on the use of human participants in research. READ MORE about the institutional review board
Animal minds and behaviors are fascinatingly complex. Study and research in psychology and brain science often uncovers as many new questions as answers. Join us as we delve into this rich and exciting field. 

About Psychological and Brain Sciences

We offer you the opportunity to pursue a major or a minor in psychological sciences. Students may also pursue a major in neuroscience through our Neuroscience Program.

Psychology is a scientific approach to the understanding of covert and overt human and animal behavior. As psychologists, we are interested in such processes as learning, memory, thought, perception, motivation, psychopathology, and development, and their physiological and neurophysiological bases.

As we grow to understand them, psychological principles can be applied to our perceptions of the behavior of individuals, groups, and societies, and to the solution of a wide range of practical human problems.

Our curriculum will immerse you in courses that teach analytical and computational skills, as well as courses that explore a wide range of topics in the contemporary science of behavior.

We will engage your natural scientific inquisitiveness with opportunities including graduate-level research as an undergraduate with world-class faculty and facilities, the challenge to conduct and write a senior thesis, and the ability to explore your own interests through credit-bearing, self-designed independent study.

The psychological and brain sciences department is also the home of Colgate’s interdisciplinary neuroscience program, and is affiliated with Colgate's Center for Language and Brain.

Success after Colgate

Colgate alumni who majored in psychology are pursuing careers in a variety of fields. Check out just a few of the possibilities out there for our majors. READ MORE: Success after Colgate

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Chair: Caroline Keating
Administrative assistant: Debra Linneman (
Office: Olin Hall
Phone: 315-228-7354