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Off-Campus Learning

The Peace and Conflict Studies Program strongly encourages our students to travel and study abroad during their time at Colgate to broaden their perspective on global issues.

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Off-Campus Study in Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies (PCON) students can expand the scope of their on-campus academic experiences by studying off campus.  PCON students can pursue a semester studying off campus with either one of Colgate’s own study groups (led by a Colgate professor) or as part of a Colgate-approved study group run by a non-Colgate provider.  Many Colgate courses also offer extended study opportunities, where students spend a few weeks traveling after the end of a semester of on-campus study.

PCON faculty work closely with our majors and minors to help each student choose the off-campus study experiences most relevant to their Level 3 Geographic Area.  Many PCON students find their off-campus study provides immersive learning, field experience, and ideas on which to base their senior seminar and honors projects.

PCON students should begin planning off-campus study at the same time they begin thinking about declaring their major; students should work with their PCON faculty advisors and the Office of Off-Campus Study to explore off-campus study opportunities and to coordinate them with their overall intellectual and career goals.

For the Class of 2016: Declarations of Major need to be completed, along with the Application to Participate on an Approved Program, by February 14, 2014

PCON Credit for Off-Campus Study

PCON majors are allowed to transfer a maximum of two relevant courses from a Colgate or Colgate-approved off-campus study group.  PCON minors may transfer one course.

Typically, PCON allows transfer credit only for elective courses; students are not allowed to fulfill required introductory or senior seminar courses through off-campus study.

Ultimately, students are responsible for making sure that off-campus study courses fulfill PCON major or minor requirements.  Your faculty advisor can provide feedback on possible course choices and how those may fulfill PCON requirements.  If your plans for off-campus study change, make sure to keep your PCON faculty advisor informed about those changes, so that he or she may advise you about the best opportunities.

Forms and Documents
Please see the Office of Off-Campus Study’s Forms and Documents page for the key materials students need to complete in order to plan off-campus study.