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Faculty and Staff - Peace and Conflict Studies

Our faculty and staff are enthusiastic and accessible. Please reach out with any questions or interests you have in our department!
Peter Balakian
Donald M. and Constance H. Rebar Professor in Humanities, Professor of English
415 Lathrop Hall
P: 315-228-7271

Teo Ballve
Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies and Geography
224 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7491

Karen Harpp
Professor of Geology and Peace and Conflict Studies; University Marshal; Director, Benton Scholars Program
424 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7211

Jonathan Hyslop
Professor of Sociology and Anthropology and Africana & Latin American Studies
414 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-6043

Xan Karn
Associate Professor of History
327 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7514

Daniel Bertrand Monk
George R. and Myra T. Cooley Professor of Peace & Conflict Studies and Professor of Geography; Director, Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies Program
310 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7945

Jacob Mundy
Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies
222 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-6182

Max Rayneard
Research Affiliate
P: 315-228-7266

Nancy Ries
Professor of Anthropology and Peace and Conflict Studies, Director of the Division of University Studies; Christian A. Johnson Chair in Liberal Arts Studies
410 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7552

Andy Rotter
Charles A. Dana Professor of History and Peace and Conflict Studies; Director, Peace & Conflict Studies Program
319 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7513

Amanda Stewart
Administrative Assistant for Peace and Conflict Studies, Africana and Latin American Studies
221 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7806

Susan Thomson
Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies; Director, Women's Studies Program
223 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-6068

Nigel Young
Cooley Research Professor of Peace Studies, Emeritus