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Academic Program in LGBTQ Studies
Academic Program in LGBTQ Studies
Our academic offerings will challenge your knowledge and assumptions and engage your desire to learn.  READ MOREon academic program in LGBTQ studies
LGBTQ Studies Faculty
LGBTQ Studies Faculty
Compelling instruction and field-leading research. Meet our LGBTQ studies faculty.
Our campus has a healthy and flourishing LGBTQ community. Learn more about LGBTQ life
The goal of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer studies is to examine and better understand the lives and representations of individuals and groups considered sexual minorities, as well as the various forces that have affected them across cultures and throughout time.

About LGBTQ Studies

Sexuality offers a critical lens to analyze communities, cultures, and subcultures; institutions, discourses, and literatures; economic and political movements; the social construction of power, status, and hierarchies; and identity categories configured on the basis of age, ability, class, ethnicity, gender, race, and religion.

Our minor course of study will allow you to gain critical understandings of normative categorization, query unspoken assumptions, examine social stratification and distributions of power, and explore the diversity of forms that sexuality has taken historically and in contemporary contexts.

Our LGBTQ Studies Program is affiliated with the Women's Studies Program.

Studying in the LGBTQ Studies Program

We currently offer a minor course of study in LGBTQ Studies.
See the LGBTQ Brochure - Spring 2018

Program Contacts

Director: Marilyn Rugg
Administrative Assistant: Maxine Campbell (
Office: Center for Women's Studies, East Hall 108B
Phone: 315-228-6868

Statement From the LGBTQ Studies Advisory Committee

October 26, 2018

As members of the LGBTQ Studies Advisory Committee, we stand unwaveringly with and behind members of the trans community on our campus and across the country who are being threatened by attempts to change the Title IX definition of gender within the Department of Health and Human Services. The proposed changes would be antithetical to the commitments to inclusivity, non-discrimination, well-being, and safety we make daily to members of our institution.

The LGBTQ Studies program promises to continue offering and developing a curriculum that furthers the university’s academic mission by, among other things, recognizing the invaluable contributions of trans people to the creation of knowledge through their lives, experiences, and work. One of the core goals of a Colgate education is to foster a space where we can “[s]ee [ourselves] honestly and critically within a global and historical perspective: recognize that [our] beliefs,  identities, interests, and values are in part a reflection of [our] background, education, and life experiences.” Any retrograde changes to federal civil rights policies that attempt to reduce gender and identity to biological determinism or essentializing traits stand in opposition to this vision.

We remain committed not only to removing the harms and violences faced by trans people, but also to fostering a community that allows trans lives to be supported, protected, and valued. We endorse processes that explicitly protect individuals from harassment and discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression, as well as sex and sexual orientation, and will work to ensure that the university does not waiver on its non-discrimination policies.

Members of the LGBTQ Studies Advisory Committee

Danny Barreto
Helene Julien
Frank Kuan
Tiffany Lane
Meika Loe
Ani Maitra
Marilyn Rugg
Cristina Serna
Mary Simonson
Suzanne B. Spring
Casey Sprock
Mark Stern
Ken Valente
Susan W. Woolley