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Faculty and Staff - Geology

We love what we do and would be happy to answer any questions you have about our department or talk to you about any interest you have in geology. 

Aubreya Adams
Assistant Professor of Geology
338 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7202

Richard April
Dunham Beldon Jr. Professor of Geology, Emeritus
226 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7212

Karen Harpp
Professor of Geology and Peace and Conflict Studies
424 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7211

Di Keller
Senior Lecturer in Geology
339 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7893

Alison Koleszar
Visiting Assistant Professor
333 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7835

Amy Leventer
Harold Orville Whitnall Professor of Geology
421 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7213

Joe Levy
Assistant Professor of Geology
336 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7834

David Linsley
Geology Technician
126 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7123

Jim McLelland
Charles A. Dana Professor of Geology, Emeritus

Jodi McNamara
Administrative Assistant for Geology and Science Outreach Coordinator
220 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7201

William Peck
Professor of Geology; Chair, Department of Geology
422 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-6798

Paul Pinet
Professor of Geology and Environmental Studies, Emeritus
405 Lathrop Hall
P: 315-228-7656

Connie Soja
Professor of Geology
343 Ho Science Center
P: 315-228-7200

Martin Wong
Associate Professor of Geology; Associate Dean of the Faculty of Global and Local Initiatives
101 McGregory Hall
P: 315-228-7203

Professor Martin Wong explaining mapping techniques in the field

Professor Connie Soja showing several interested community members the famous dinosaur egg

Professor Bruce Selleck showing a student bedding plane orientation in the field

Professor Rich April discussing post graduation plans with a student during a break in summer work

Professor William Peck teaches his research student how to work an extraction line for isotopic analysis