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London English Study Group

Every year, the English department sponsors a semester-long program of study in London. Led by a Colgate professor, the group gives students a unique opportunity to enrich their understanding of writing, literature, and theater.
Off-campus English study group
The city is at the center of the curriculum of the study group. The program includes courses in London theatre and the cultural history of London. Students conduct independent work as well using the resources of the city. Visiting speakers include local scholars, actors, writers, and museum curators. Field trips to important sites in the British Isles play a crucial role in the program.

Students live in apartments conveniently located near the British Museum. They have affiliate membership in the University of London student union; they also receive National Trust memberships.

The London English Study Group puts students in a dramatically new relationship to their major field of study at Colgate University.

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Other Off-Campus Study Options

While the London Study Group is the signature program of the department, English department faculty are also involved in other off-campus study opportunities. These have included an extended study to Ireland, the Santa Fe Native American Study Group, and the Jamaica Study Group.

The off-campus study office has information about other opportunities available for students from any discipline. These include options such as the following:
  • Semester programs: Full semesters abroad with a class of your Colgate peers, and instruction from a Colgate faculty member.
  • Extended studies: Travel abroad with your class for two-three weeks after the end of the semester to expand upon the classroom lessons for certain courses.
  • Other programs: If Colgate's extensive offerings don't exactly match your interests, we'll help you find the external program that best suits you.
Students explore ancient building on London English Study Group