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East Asian Languages and Literatures Facilities

We conduct our studies of East Asian languages and literatures in the well-equipped study spaces of Lawrence Hall. Join us in our exploration of this fascinating discipline and its cultural assets.

Japanese Studies Center

The center is located in Lawrence Hall (campus map). It provides the department with a seminar room dedicated to the discipline, as well as a multipurpose room with a Japanese-style tatami section and Tokonoma.

The center includes computer and audiovisual resources that are complemented by a library of Japanese reference works, films, periodicals, and current newspapers for you to consult during your studies of Japanese language and culture.

Japan Club activities also are frequently held at the Japanese Studies Center.

Robert Ho Center for Chinese Studies

This center, dedicated to Chinese studies, includes modern classrooms and a reading room with Asian architectural features. It also includes a kitchen, audiovisual equipment, newspapers, journals, reference materials, and an expanding collection of books on China that you can use and reference during your studies.

The center also is frequently home to extracurricular activities such as brushwriting, celebrations of Chinese festivals, and meetings of the Chinese Interest Association (CIA).