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Extensive Collection
Extensive Collection
Our collection of approximately 1,000 species demonstrates diversity, facilitates teaching, and provides color and visual interest throughout the year.
Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate Research
Colgate biology students work closely with faculty on graduate-level greenhouse research projects throughout the year. READ MORE
Expert Care
Expert Care
Reyna Stagnaro, greenhouse supervisor, maintains our conservatory and research plants and oversees all greenhouse operations.
Science Outreach
Science Outreach
Greenhouse tours are available to school groups, clubs, and individuals interested in learning about our plant collection and research. READ MORE
A Place to Enjoy
A Place to Enjoy
Our beautiful greenhouse is a place to enjoy. Colgate art students find inspiration for their work in our conservatory.
The biology department’s greenhouse is home to an extensive collection used for teaching and allows for active research by faculty and students throughout the year.


Our plant collection consists of approximately 1,000 species and includes ferns, orchids, cycads, cactus, and succulents, bromeliads and other epiphytes, plants of economic importance, and flowering vines. The conservatory collection is used to demonstrate diversity, facilitate teaching, and provide color and visual interest throughout the year.


A full, searchable database of the conservatory collection is currently a work in progress.


An outside view of the greenhouse behind Ho Science CenterThe state-of-the-art greenhouse facility is located in the Ho Interdisciplinary Science Center. The facility is approximately 3,000 square feet and consists of six separate climate-controlled plant zones and support space. The total space under glass is approximately 1,800 square feet.

Our headhouse includes two biochambers for additional growing space in a highly controlled environment. The six plant zones are currently designated as a tropical house, two temperate zones, and three faculty/student research zones.

Faculty and students have active research ongoing throughout the year.


Check out our immersive online view of the Tropical House. In-person tours of the facility are also available. Please contact us (information below) to plan your visit to the greenhouse. READ MORE

Associated Faculty

The following Colgate faculty members work closely with the greenhouse:

Contact Information

Reyna Stagnaro
Greenhouse supervisor
127C Ho Science Center