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George R. Cooley Herbarium

Welcome to the George R. Cooley Herbarium! The herbarium primarily includes plants from east of the Mississippi.

About the Herbarium

Our holdings are currently split into three collections:
  • General -- containing approximately 170 plant families, 6,000 species, and 20,000 specimens
  • Caribbean -- containing approximately 80 families, 900 species, and 2,500 specimens
  • Madison County (N.Y.) -- containing approximately 100 families, 1,300 species, and 4,000 specimens.
The herbarium is in room Room T5 of Olin Hall (campus map) where there are resources incorporating our entomological, invertebrate, and vertebrate collections as well.

Staff members are creating a database of the entire collection and developing interactive, web-based keys to aid in plant identification.

Director and Curator

Frank M. Frey
Associate professor of biology and environmental studies
Phone: 315-228-7871