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Model African Union

We invite you to participate in the Model African Union! The half-credit course ALST 290 will prepare you for a life-changing experience at the National Model African Union.
Model African Union 2018

About the MAU

You will spend the first five weeks of the semester meeting once a week for two hours, and we will have one debriefing meeting following the national conference. Throughout the semester you will research and prepare a position paper in support of a resolution to be presented to one of the five standing committees of the Model African Union:
  • Committee on Social Matters
  • Committee on Economic Matters
  • Committee on Peace and Security
  • Committee on Democracy, Governance, and Human Rights
  • Committee on Pan Africanism and Continental Unity
Together we will explore the Roberts Rules of Order, debate, and diplomacy. You grade will be determined by an 8-10 page position paper and resolution as well as the your active participation in the on-campus class and simulated union meeting.
The Model African Union meeting is a three-day simulation exercise sponsored by Howard University in Washington, D.C. We will attend with others teams of students from more than 20 top U.S. colleges and universities. The trip includes briefing sessions at the embassies of the countries our team will be representing. Colgate will cover all expenses for the trip to Washington, D.C.

Prerequisites are ALST 201/CORE 189, or CORE 170, 173, 185, or 190, or permission of the instructor.

Contact Professor Mary Moran, faculty adviser for this project, for more information.