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Museums and Galleries

Clifford Gallery

Clifford Gallery features a number of exhibitions each semester.
The gallery features approximately eight exhibitions a year. It is a teaching gallery, and exhibitions are selected by the art and art history faculty to provide examples of work executed in a variety of media that demonstrate issues originating in the academic curriculum. 

About: Clifford Gallery
Location: 101 Little Hall

Longyear Museum of Anthropology

Guests enjoy a display at the Longyear Museum Of Anthropology.
The Longyear consists of a teaching collection of archaeological and ethnographic materials from Africa, Oceania, and the Pre-Columbian cultures of North, Central, and South America. Colgate's own collections of archaeological artifacts are the foundation of the museum. The Longyear Museum typically mounts four or more exhibitions each academic year.

About: Longyear Museum of Anthropology
Location: Alumni Hall, second floor

Linsley Geology Museum

The museum contains spectacular gems and minerals, and highlights rocks and fossils from New York State.
The Robert M. Linsley Geology Museum exhibits minerals, rocks, and fossils, highlighting the beauty and wonder of these objects and informing visitors about how geologists study the Earth.

About: Linsley Geology Museum
Location: Ho Science Center, second floor

Picker Art Gallery

The Picker has a collection of over 10,000 objects, and hosts traveling exhibitions each year.
The Picker Art Gallery's collection of more than 11,000 fine art objects is a valuable resource that supports interdisciplinary teaching and learning across the university.

About: Picker Art Gallery
Location: Dana Arts Center, second floor