Real World Series

students attending a real world session with a panel

The Real World Series provides support to Colgate seniors throughout their entire senior year. With a variety of opportunities to participate in discussions and workshops about life-after-Colgate-skills, this career program offers seniors direct access to alumni while preparing students for their next steps.

Sample programs include:

  • Etiquette dinner learn proper etiquette for when you have an interview conducted over a meal
  • $tart $mart Wage Gap & Salary Negotiation Workshop
  • Managing Personal Finances budgeting, taxes, savings vs checking, credit, etc.
  • Apartment Hunting Workshop presented by a real estate agent, learn general search information along with some details on New York City
  • OCRAP: Optimizing Career Resilience and Persistence for those students still unsure of their path come spring semester


For more information, contact Chelsea Lehmann, Assistant Director for Alumni Engagement.


Assistant Director for Alumni Engagement