Information for students during COVID-19.

The counseling center is pleased to offer matriculated students the following services via telemental health during the academic year: 1) consultation services for transitional support and developmental skill building during a national crisis 2) Drop-in groups for support, and 3) 24/7 consultation/crisis services for risk assessment, support and referral to the appropriate level of care in their local community.

Scheduling a Telemental Health Appointment

  1. To schedule a telemental health consultation, please contact our office at 315-228-7385.
  2. If you have already met with a counselor this year, you may email them directly to schedule a consultation.
  3. Review and complete our telemental health informed consent form based on the following criteria:

Returning students (used services in 2019-20)

Returning students (have not used services in 2019-20)

New students

  1. Please review and complete the informed consent document - your counselor cannot meet with you if you have not completed the informed consent. You will also receive a ZOOM link for the agreed upon time before your appointment.
  2. Log into ZOOM 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment to ensure everything works.
  3. At the beginning of your appointment, your counselor will verify your location, as well as your phone number in case the connection is lost.
  4. A typical telemental health consultation will last 30 minutes.
  • Choose a confidential location for your appointment; if necessary, notify others in your location that you have a private meeting and should not be interrupted.
  • Choose an environment with limited distractions, and create a plan should distractions arise (e.g. someone walks in, phone call, pets, etc).
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting so that your counselor can see you.
  • Ensure your technology is charged sufficiently.
  • Have a back-up plan for your appointment in case you experience technological issues, ZOOM tends to work best from a computer, but can also work through a tablet or smartphone.

For Students on Campus: Summer Drop-In Groups

The counseling center will continue to offer drop-in groups via Zoom every Wednesday for students who are residing on campus this summer. These groups are a conversation space facilitated by a counselor to check-in, hear from other students, and talk about how life is going on campus during the time of COVID-19. Groups will be held each Wednesday from 4:00-5:00pm throughout the summer. All on-campus students will receive an email with the links for the drop-in groups for the entire month, and can reach out directly to the counselor leading the group for that day if they need the Zoom link for that day.

Current Schedule:

June 24 with Denise

July 8 with Niki

July 15 with Najla

July 22 with Christian

Coping Through the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has caused us all a lot of uncertainty. It is perfectly normal to feel some anxiety about the situation and have some concerns about what may happen next. It is a good idea to stay informed through reliable resources and to remain connected to your family and friends regarding communication.

During times of uncertainty it is natural to want more information, however it may be helpful to limit or take breaks as needed from researching or discussing the issue if it is causing you significant psychological distress. We encourage students to:

  • Seek reliable resources when looking for updates
  • Do not blame others or use stereotypes as coronavirus can affect anybody
  • Limit time on social media if it is unhelpful to you
  • Keep your normal routine
  • Engage in self-care practices such as getting enough sleep and eating regular meals.

Resources for Coping