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International Relations

Director: F. Chernoff

For students interested in the study of international relations as a major or minor, Colgate offers an interdisciplinary approach to the subject. International relations majors are expected to acquire a broad knowledge of world politics through directed study in political science, economics, diplomatic history, and language training. Students are also invited to participate in on-campus programs offered or supported by the international relations program.

Students interested in majoring in international relations should begin language training and take the program’s basic introductory course, POSC 232, or ECON 151, or a related HIST course.  Please note that POSC 152 may count as one of two possible elective courses toward the international relations major only if the student takes 152 prior to enrolling in the required introductory course, POSC 232.

In addition to campus activities and study, students are strongly encouraged to participate in an off-campus study group for a semester. This may be done by joining the political science study group to Geneva, Switzerland. For more details about opportunities and requirements for this study group consult the description under Political Science. Other Colgate study groups or participation in programs of other colleges and universities that are approved by the international relations program director may also be pursued.

Questions about international relations programs may be directed to the program director (315-228-7521); students should also closely consult the University Catalogue and the program’s web page.