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Past Projects

The following projects have been implemented by the OAK Initiative to improve Colgate's administrative efficiency.
Optimization | Analytics | Knowledge
Social Media Analytics
The project featured the creation of dashboards to help Colgate understand the web and social behavior of our users. Data analyzed includes information from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Flickr.
Gender Identity
The Gender Identity project expanded personal pronoun designations and continues as an effort to support inclusiveness and support diversity.
Digital Campus Map
This project re-imagined Colgate's online campus map as an integrated system. Functionality includes a renewed design, greater accuracy and a more succinct process for updating Colgate's printed maps over time.
Admission Coalition Application
This project expanded Admission application breadth by integrating the Coalition Application.
Campus Calendar
The goal of this project was a holistic review of event marketing on campus and how the online campus calendar facilitated or impeded the effective marketing of events. The outcome of this project features an entirely new online calendaring platform, as well as redefined processes, policies, and best practices regarding the sharing of event information.
This comprehensive constituent relationship management (CRM) tool will be used by Admission to manage prospective student information through the recruitment process.  This includes technology to automate communication through e-mail, print and the web, allowing for customized recruitment efforts. A visit calendar system will also be implemented for both on campus and off campus recruiting.
Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Forms
This internal online tool captures students’ teaching evaluations and summarizes results in a graphical format for each class. Access to results is achieved only through Tableau server so only professors can see their evaluations.
Concur (Travel and Expense Management)
This online tool allows employees to manage their travel arrangements and expense reimbursements electronically, thereby reducing paper usage and reimbursement time.
InfoShare (Web Proxy)
All grade and financial aid information will be solely available online, and InfoShare will allow students to grant proxy access to their parent(s)/guardian(s) to view this information. This will eliminate several thousand grade-mailers being printed and delivered each semester.
TouchNet (e-commerce)
TouchNet enables departments across campus to accept electronic payment transactions, thereby reducing paper usage and processing time.
Web Time Entry
Web Time Entry, an online Banner application for employee time entry and approval, was fully implemented in Spring 2014. All benefitted hourly, casual wage and student employees now enter their time online, thereby reducing paper usage and processing time.